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  1. G744

    What was...? (Answered: M530 GOER)

    The large, articulated 4X4 (US) from the 50's? Seemed to be a sort of a giant pickup truck. DG
  2. G744

    WTB...10" (wheel size) tires

    Those as used on USAF airway ground trailers. I need at least one, and some 10" tubes/flaps if there are any out there. 9" ones would work, too, as I have wheels. Text me please if you can help 6027100803 Dennis Thanks!
  3. G744


    I stole this image from another post, but is a great photo. I don't need the missle, BTW. Late 40's, early 50's. There's gotta be one in the wild somewhere, hopefully out West. Dennis
  4. G744

    Old school seat cushions/springs for M54 5-ton

    I have the frames/supports, just need the soft bits, bottoms & backs. Thanks, Dennis
  5. G744

    A little wood

    Here is a shot of my M54A1 with around 20,000 pounds of vintage maple flooring on it. I reclaimed six loads like this from a local high school. We plan on reusing most of it in our new home here and our cabin in New Mexico. dg
  6. G744

    For you guys with HIAB cranes & wreckers & trailers. Must have been spectacular to see..... dg
  7. G744

    M35E3 exhaust stuff in classifieds

    Please give it a look if interested, ad runs for 15 days. Thanks, dg
  8. G744

    Paging Dr. Foster or Ken Engle!

    Check this out. Current photo I believe. Need something? Jeez! dg
  9. G744

    Any more A1 5-tons (Mack Diesel engine) out there?

    Just curious. It seems gas or multifuel models are all some think exist. dg
  10. G744

    Paint for sale

    I have a few genuine CARC 2-part 2-gallon kits in "Gunship Green" and "Low IR Green". The usual hazard warnings apply, so be careful with this gunk. $20 per + shipping from Tempe.
  11. G744

    M35 REB kit for sale now

    The unit is here now. Your choice, either complete case or just the difference parts. In great condition, $500 plus shipping. Includes all levers, data plates, eTc. Memphis just sold the last one they had, and plan on not ordering more according to their HQ as of 2 days ago. Not on eBay...
  12. G744

    Complete REB kit for sale in January

    We are leaving tonight for the holidays in Albuquerque, back in 10 days. I will bring back one only complete low-miles M35 transfer case with the REB kit in it. Also the lever, floor shift gate, and data plates from Memphis Equipment. (The plates are rare) I'll offer it here first at $650...
  13. G744

    High-speed gears for the G742's....5.20:1 ratio

    I have copies of the original Rockwell data outlining the use of 5.20:1 ratio final drive. Part numbers and bluprints are shown. I had two sets of these in complete drop-ins from Rockwell a few years ago, so it is probable others were made. The end-item application was a M35E3 prototype using...
  14. G744

    '67 Kaiser-Jeep M54A1 in the recent Vet's parade, Phoenix AZ I hope the link works OK. Yours truly piloting. dg
  15. G744

    M37 high-speed ring & pinion for trade

    I have one each BRAND NEW, sealed in UNOPENED plastic, 4.89:1 ratio G741 ring & pinion set to trade. It comes with all bearings, a new seal, and a perfect drive flange. I will trade for TWO each NOS ONLY 5.83:1 (stock ratio) ring & pinion sets (no bearings eTc needed). No take outs, sorry...
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