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  1. roofconsult

    Haul M923A2

    Anyone interested in hauling an M923A2 from Baton Rouge, LA to La Porte, TX? Its 262 miles. Thanks, Pat
  2. roofconsult

    MEP-002a hard to crank then does not run right

    I bought my 002A's about 5 years ago with about 3 hours on them. They had been reset by the Letterkenny Army depot. They have served me well since then and I now have about 25 hours on them. The one that I am having trouble with has always liked the throttle at idle speed when cranking...
  3. roofconsult

    923a2 Oil Leak from Behind Timing Cover

    I have an oil leak that looks like it is coming from the rear of the timing cover where it bolts to the block. I checked the bolts on the front of the cover and a couple were a little loose, but can't get to the other bolts without taking the front cover off. Has anyone replaced the gasket...
  4. roofconsult

    5 ton steering column/horn wire

    I have a problem with the horn wire in the steering shaft. There is resistance between the horn button connecting plug and the contact sleeve on the steering shaft that I believe is keeping my horn from working. When I ground the wire that goes to the box at the bottom of the steering column...
  5. roofconsult

    M923A2 Camber adjustment

    I have searched the TM's and other posts and can't find anything on adjusting the camber on the 5 ton. I have visible positive camber on the right front and it is wearing the outer lugs on the tire. Toe in is correct, but I would like to get the camber right. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. roofconsult

    923a2 air brakes leak

    I just got my 923a2 last week and love it. Everything checked out good, so we have been driving it under controlled conditions to get used to it. Yesterday I noticed that I could hear air while holding my foot steady on the brakes. A lot of air. So I watched the pressure gauges and found the...
  7. roofconsult

    Insurance on a 5 ton

    I just bought an m923A2 and now need insurance. It is a 1992 model. Can anyone shed any light on who writes insurance for these and what it might cost? Thanks
  8. roofconsult

    Share shipping?

    I am going to ship an M923A2 from Sparta to Baton Rouge. It is not a full load. Does anyone need to ship something along the way?
  9. roofconsult

    M923A2 Sparta to Baton Rouge, LA

    Can anyone help with what it will cost? Thanks!
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