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  1. oboyjohn

    Spotted in Montreal, Canada

    Yesterday (Jan. 31st) While driving to Home Depot, I spotted on a side street in Montreal, a parked Steward & Stevenson M 1079 4X4 van truck with what appeared to be a dot style camo paint job. Unfortunately I was not in the position to stop and snap a picture or see if there was a license...
  2. oboyjohn

    Canadian Deuce

    Hello everyone. I thought I post some pictures of our Canadian version of the M35 deuce, otherwise known as an MLVW (medium logistics vehicle wheeled). This workhorse has been retired and are rapidly disappearing from bases and units. I joined up in 1984 when it made its first appearance in the...
  3. oboyjohn

    My Mistake

    Hi everyone. It appears I made a mistake by posting a for sale listing where it was not supposed to be. I apologize for that and I hope I did not ruffle anybody's feathers or step on someone's toes. I came back on the site when I got the e-mail about my mistake to delete the post but it appears...
  4. oboyjohn

    Newbie from Quebec, Canada

    Hello everyone! After doing 27 years in the Canadian Forces Reserves as a mechanic, I took my retirement last year. Since then, I have been toying with the idea of restoring a steel soldier. I came close this summer of scoring a 1944 MB jeep, but it went before I could come up with the money. Oh...
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