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  1. Nomadic

    LMTV pulls an Unimog out

    That does look like a pulling machine. It also looks like it had good grip on slippery ground.
  2. Nomadic

    The dreaded CTIS seal, bearing repack job on my MTV

    Looking good. There is plenty of brake shoe compound remaining.
  3. Nomadic

    What have you done to your HEMTT/PLS/MK48 this week

    That was a pretty entertaining video. I'd love to hear the sounds that beast makes. I think that rig needs to be weighed down with a big custom camper on the back with a heater and a beer stocked fridge.
  4. Nomadic

    Don't want to jinx anything by mentioning specifics

    Pics or it never happened.
  5. Nomadic

    modified LMTV is coming along well

    The wheels make it look good. (........................)
  6. Nomadic

    Interesting trans jack design for FMTVs

    That looks as handy as a pocket on a shirt.
  7. Nomadic

    What trailers are appropriate for the 7 Ton?
  8. Nomadic

    What trailers are appropriate for the 7 Ton?

    I went to the classifieds to look for a link to a Globe trailer that I saw a while ago that would be appropriate for the MTVR. The OP of that thread is you, lol. That is a bad ass trailer. I want that trailer along with an MTVR to build a custom habitat on. The trailer looks tough, like it would...
  9. Nomadic

    M1078 Cat 3116 Ac Conditionig install

    Classifieds require a location and price ;)
  10. Nomadic

    Not seeing any MTVRs for sale on GP...

    GP has been empty for a few months it seems. There have been a couple mangled parts trucks, but no runners.
  11. Nomadic

    Towing an Off Road / Overland FMTV

    As a guy who has been overlanding out in the country full-time for more than 6 years, if you question your rig being reliable don't take it unless you can fix it right where it fails. That is the only good plan for any size vehicle. But the bigger problem is even with new vehicles they can fail...
  12. Nomadic


    Here is a magazine page about the LMTV nomads traveling I referred to earlier. Their rig has the coveted big windows. And a link to their blog.
  13. Nomadic


    There was a couple that posted here saying they live out of their LMTV and travel around. They had a classic picture on their blog of the truck in front of a huge sign labeled Nowhere in a place called Nowhere in CA out in the desert. A great pic for those who appreciate being out in the...
  14. Nomadic

    Considering a M927 or M928 to live in...

    What is a 35' Terry?
  15. Nomadic

    M1088 camper conversion

    Looking good. Nice welds.
  16. Nomadic

    New lower hitch

    That hitch bracket can be cut off and the excess could be hit with a grinder. Nobody is going to sleep with it. Although I might sleep with mine if I ever get one, lol.
  17. Nomadic


    That looks like a bad ass truck. Offer him $18k, lol. Make him work for it.
  18. Nomadic

    New lower hitch

    It looks beefy.
  19. Nomadic

    Just purchased an MTVR...

    Looking good! Nice work. The drawbridge is a good idea. It seems to expand the real estate quite a bit while extended. What is the interior height?
  20. Nomadic

    Oshkosh mk23 mods for practical use

    Post back about the transfer case re-gear.
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