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  1. rizzo

    MI 1951 REO M108 for sale Port Huron, MI

    What I know It is a 1951 REO ser# 717167 stock #1027 2.5 6x6 M108 It has working front winch. The crane works fine brakes dont work. I think its a wheel cylinder truck ran when parked and always started even during the winter, but now it wont start. fuel is old and I see carp pump not working. I...
  2. rizzo

    Gen 2 Alternator question

    I have read most of the posts. My gen 2 light is not coming on. I can get it to come on when I touch the electrical tester to the plug on the alternator. I think the alternator must be bad. I had it tested and the guy said when he excited the 2nd plug (farthest from the + terminal) the...
  3. rizzo

    Price of M-35 deuce cargo box

    anyone know the market price of a M-35 deuce cargo box? good condition no rust or dents.
  4. rizzo

    parts source for multifuel 24v starter

    I saw this company at the Truck show in Louisville. Some of the solenoids looked similar. I have not investigated yet to see if they have what we need. Their US distributor is called J&N in Cincinnati, OH.
  5. rizzo

    centrifuge source

    I saw this company at the truck show in Louisville.
  6. rizzo

    deuce gasser ignition distributor parts

    Where is the best place to purchase parts for the stock military distributor ?
  7. rizzo

    10 ton near Carrollton

    I drove by one the other day. Not for sale, just parked where I could see it. Does a SS member own this? I'm just curious. I'm not being very specific describing the location on purpose.
  8. rizzo

    12v harbor freight solar battery charger

    I have a couple 12v 1.5 watt solar battery chargers from Harbor Freight. I noticed that these do not have a regulator on them and you have to buy that part separately. The Regulator is $29 and I saw the charger is on sale for $12. My questions are: -How do I know if I need the regulator...
  9. rizzo

    M818 5th wheel chocks

    Does anyone have measurements for the 818 early style 5th wheel chocks? I have been unable to find any for sale and am considering making some. thanks in advance
  10. rizzo

    what trailer is this?

    It has the old 50s style lights with a deuce wheel stud pattern. It has a fixed dolly with aluminum deck Military Heavy Duty Trailer ???
  11. rizzo

    My first M416

    I bought this last week. It is solid all over, but a lot of surface rust in the bed. Looks like a homemade tailgate fabed in. If anyone has original tongue parts I would be interested in them.
  12. rizzo

    broken air-o-matic

    my drag link is leaking out the vent hole. I have power turning to the left, but when turning to the right air comes out of the rear vent hole, and no power? Anyone have a tm or any other info I may need to repair this?
  13. rizzo

    alternator problem

    the pass side alternator is not charging on my M1008. So we took it off and bench tested it and it worked fine. Put it back on the truck and it did not work. Checked the exciter wire and it was fine. any ideas? both alternators were rebuilt a couple years ago. I havnt had any problems with them.
  14. rizzo

    M-543 vs H-1000

    the clutch went on my hoe so I used the 543 to help pull the engine. anyone know anything about that type of clutch? notice the teeth are all wore off.
  15. rizzo

    is this the low air buzzer?

    found this in a box of parts is this the low air buzzer?
  16. rizzo

    tanks vs phonebooks

  17. rizzo

    M543 light work

    M543 lite work lifting the cab off of the old gasser check out my homemade adjustable sling
  18. rizzo

    jeep video

  19. rizzo

    need generator and compressor info

    is the MEP 0016D a 3 phase generator? is there a small diesel generator that is not a 3 phase? I am also looking at a MC 2A compressor. just gonna use it for air tools and tires and things. does it have a tank? do they work good? anything I should know about them? thanks
  20. rizzo

    818 5th wheel chocks wanted

    I am looking for the little chocks (blocks) that prevent the 5th wheel from tilting from side to side. Does anyone have some for sale or know where I can find some?
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