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  1. Soupermike

    Air cleaner support

    I posted a wtb for an air cleaner support but does anyone that has one be willing to take some good measurements/pics of so I can possibly have one manufactured? This is the last piece I need for my water fording kit. Thanks Mike
  2. Soupermike

    M37 to modern MV brake lights

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram of how I can wire newer MV brake lights on my M37? I understand the original wiring harness will need to be changed, I just don't know what changes needs to be made. Thanks, Mike
  3. Soupermike

    Starter help

    I am looking for the parts pictured in yellow "JJ" to make return my starter back to foot pedal operation. My truck was set up with a dashboard push button when I got it. The starter is missing the part that is pushed up by the cam when you engage the foot operated lever. Does anyone know...
  4. Soupermike

    Transmission oil or Gear oil in transmission?

    I am totally confused on what to put in my transmission. I have been reading many posts about what people are using in their trucks (mostly deuces) and the discussions say to stay away from GL-5 because it attacks the yellow metal and others say it doesn't matter because it needs a high temp to...
  5. Soupermike

    M37 water fording kit hose

    I am trying to locate the proper hose for my water fording kit and I have been unsuccessful. Would anyone know the correct size and length of the hose? I will post a WTB ad also for one along with the correct brackets, but in the event I can't find an original, I would like to start checking...
  6. Soupermike

    M37 hard top from Grand Rapids, MI to Louisiana

    Want to see if anyone is making this trip anytime soon. Looking at getting a M37 hard top brought down as far south as I can. Thanks Mike
  7. Soupermike

    M37 owners in Louisiana

    Just was wondering how many M37 owners there are in Louisiana? I recently purchased a 1954 M37 that I am restoring and would like to see what others have done with their trucks. Thanks Mike
  8. Soupermike

    My Green Disease has manifested itself!!

    Having been a member here for several years, I finally have the title MV owner. It is a 1954 Dodge M37. I found it on FB in Samson, AL. Got a friend to go with me and after a 16 hour day, we got it home and in my shop where the restoration will begin. It is a very solid truck. 1 spot of...
  9. Soupermike

    1/35 m923a1

    What do you do while you are waiting for the state to make up its mind on titling military vehicles? Build a smaller version of the truck you are getting to pass the time!! Still need to make some decals with unit markings but other than that it is done. I bought 2 of these models before...
  10. Soupermike

    New member from Louisiana

    Just found this site and I want a 5 ton so much more!!! I recently sold a MB/CJ2 mix to start my funding for my next "need" as I put it (wife says it is a serious want). I hope to be riding around this time next year. Until then I will soak up as much knowledge as I can. Thanks Mike Campbell
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