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  1. Milcommoguy

    Another HumV U-tube

    Just stumbled on to this. Building a truck. I know... I know... me bad, CAMO
  2. Milcommoguy

    Something to read. Nice slides, HumV

    Interesting to read. Neat time line. Add to the brain trust??? Better than watching the news, CAMO
  3. Milcommoguy

    APB FBI Stolen HMMWV Los Angeles Get them...Dano, CAMO
  4. Milcommoguy

    Alternator UP DATE 60 AMP er

    Found this in my HumV note book. Even the Army refers to the TM's. Imagine that. Bear with a radio. Has TM's and a funny book too, CAMO
  5. Milcommoguy

    Transmission Tube

    I would normally not do this as we are all Utube saturated. Ran across a "good Ol boy" transmission shop. Simple guy knows his stuff IMO. Gets right to it. Has a 4l80 up too. Covid fever got me I guess, CAMO
  6. Milcommoguy

    CAMO can... You can Too! TESTER

    Lots of new... well old Hmmwv sales and ALL the problems (FUN) that goes with them. Electrical issues can be a bit to chase down. Can't see them little excited electron running around. Your excited too, with a new and NOW DEAD HumV in the driveway. To help one see them electrons and the...
  7. Milcommoguy

    Under the HMMWV Hood

    There's a lot going on under the hood of a HMMWV. Sure the trucks are a ruff and tuff rig, with simple features. We all get that the pistons go up and down and the wheels go round and round... BUT take a look at the BIG job that is going on with the injector pump. If your into details on...
  8. Milcommoguy

    What date codes are on your Humvee tires?

    Read lot of stories about tires. Many trucks / trailers came from auction with Goodyear Wranglers MT/R's, 37x12.50Rx16.5 LT, those big fat bad boys. How about sharing the date codes on those tires that your running from auction or surplus? It's the 4 digits in the oval on one side like 2215...
  9. Milcommoguy

    HUMMWV Notes & Cartoons

    Found this and maybe it's old info. Lots of dope in one place. > < Fixing you HUMMWV, easy as reading the funny paper, CAMO
  10. Milcommoguy

    "GLOW PLUG" the movie.

    GET THE POPCORN, Guy's and Gals... From my bench to the BIG SCREEN, GLOW PLUG the MOVIE, the BURN OUT in SIXTY SECONDS.... The cast > Good plug normal 2.9 OHMS @ room temperature. The voltage played by straight guy "Twenty Four Volts DC" The plot line: In the beginning plug starts heating up...
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