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  1. Privatewrench

    Deuce hood fixing

    I'm getting ready to repair my hood. It's not in too bad of shape, just has some warping and dents. Doesn't lay completely even from one side to the other. Looking at the support beams under the hood, it seems like the beams are bent. Like the hood was walked on and bent towards the engine...
  2. Privatewrench

    Hard top dents and warping

    I'm prepping a pretty rough looking hard top to put on my deuce for the winter months. I striped the top and the back sections. I added sound dampener material and used the green sleeping mat on top of that for the back section. Came out pretty nice. I just wire wheeled the top today and...
  3. Privatewrench

    Hard top advise

    The lower edge (end that attaches to truck) of this hard top that I'm cleaning up to paint and put new weather seals on has the metal skin pulling away from framing. Pretty much all across the bottom section. It's not completley pulled away. Its still atached, but the very edge, as you can...
  4. Privatewrench

    Speedo angle drive-busted

    So I'm enjoying a nice drive to my buddies house yesterday and my speedometer drops to zero even though I'm cruzing at 50. After some checking i found that the back side of the angle drive must have had a screw on cap. As the pics show, cap is gone and all the gearing poured out.:cry: I've...
  5. Privatewrench

    Foggy gauges

    Does anyone else have gauges that fog up? My generator gauge and air pressure gauges get condensation inside the lense most time I drive it. They work fine and I can still read them, but it's annoying to see. Is there a fix that can help? Private Wrench
  6. Privatewrench

    New Deuce owner in Kentucky!!

    Bought a Deuce from a close friend back in October. No brakes, so I did a complete rebuild of MC, air pack, new lines and new wheel cylinders. Removed the axles and bearing while I was there and cleaned and repacked everything with fresh grease. Just finished last night and rolled it down the...
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