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  1. 1Sinner

    Uh oh! Confirm my fears or lift my spirits

    So I've been fighting a couple small coolant leaks here and there. First was a freeze plug, then one of the head transfer manifolds was leaking from a gasket and an old hose along with the thermostat housing weeping. Got to take it for a spin tonight to get it up to temp and get home to inspect...
  2. 1Sinner

    Easiest way to change transmission output shaft seal?

    Spicer 3053 overdrive. Can I just pull the jackshaft and input flange and pry the seal out, or is it necessary to pull the output bearing retainer and install the seal from inside the cover? Or am I looking at this the wrong way?
  3. 1Sinner

    New civy 24v alternator conversion

    My regulator went out, so I went the civy route. I didn't like the goofy brackets that had the alternator upside down, so I built a new block mount bracket for the alternator. I get more adjustment, easier to install (only 2 bolts for the alternator, standard 3 to the block) and is way more...
  4. 1Sinner

    M35a2 freeze plug issue

    I have a leaking freeze plug on top of the intake manifold, can anyone confirm size as 1" (multifuel with "D" turbo) since no one seems to make a freeze plug kit that I can seem to locate through Google fu. I'm guessing the easiest way to pull it and repair would be to drill a hole, use a slide...
  5. 1Sinner

    M105 trailer troop seats/bows/canvas dimensions

    Does anyone have good pictures of the m105 troop seats/ side boards, how the bows attach and some dimensions on how it all goes together? Considering making some, but may go heavy duty and integrate the whole setup into a bolt in roll cage for the entire rear bed area on my bobber.
  6. 1Sinner

    1200+ mile round trip for a trade

    Phew! It was a long weekend. Over several weeks I talked to a gentleman out of Texas about a possible trade. My M923A2 for His XM381 deuce and a half bobber. Lots of pictures and video chats back and forth to verify the driveability and suitability of the trade for the both of us, we formulated...
  7. 1Sinner

    Vehicle history of my 923a2

    Anyone know how to figure out the vehicle history/ deployment schedule for a 5 ton? Or if I have no paperwork or maintenance stuff there's no way to tell?
  8. 1Sinner

    So I bought a 5 ton, now it's time to get to work

    It's a 1990 BMY with the 8.3 turbo Cummins. I know the first mods are the top low fuel screws on the MW pump and the governor adjustments. I have a 3/4k governor spring kit coming, an hx55 turbo (and rebuild kit). Can someone please shoot me a quick link for the intercooler install, aftercooler...
  9. 1Sinner

    Going to look at my first m923 today. What do I need to be aware of?

    It's a 1990 BMY non red river truck. Looking to purchase and turn into a monster tow pig/adventure camper. Its titled, plated, and seems to be solid. But, I have never owned a heavy truck before. What are some dead stops on a 5 ton? What little things should I check? I'm a solid mechanic but am...
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