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  1. Tornadogt

    M923a2 war wagon

    Great to hear from someone with personal experience.... Now where to find a fair priced M240 display piece.?
  2. Tornadogt

    M923a2 war wagon

    I am going with a 50bmg on the gun-ring (I am cheap and using a 3/4 ring from an 113-114 apc) on the roof, 50bmg on a post guarding the rear, and 1 M240B/M60 on each side) 4 total guns. And a Big Push Bumper. my inspiration to combine these 3 trucks
  3. Tornadogt

    M923a2 war wagon

    I am sure with CMS Davis there is some more goodies being add. Time will tell all... I have a little project along the same line. It is a good place to start. I personally am loving the Mix matched door and red primer spots on this truck.. Looks like an old war horse already.
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