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  1. Blythewoodjoe

    MVPA and Government Liquidation

    Here's one more point. There are lots of business's out there that advertise for GL (this site is one). The difference between the MVPA and most others is the fact that members pick up the magazine and see an ad for GL. If this ad is the only contact they have with GL, they do not know that...
  2. Blythewoodjoe

    MVPA and Government Liquidation

    Your first statement above sums it up very well. People ask me why I just don't buy from someone else. As for ads, there where 59 full pages of ads in the August/September Supply Line if I counted right, and 2 of them where GL. We all agree in principal but I suspect we are all in the same...
  3. Blythewoodjoe

    MVPA and Government Liquidation

    I have noticed the front cover on my Supply line magazine has had a big expensive Government Liquidation ad on it for a while. I also received a calendar this week from the MVPA and noticed every Thursday is marked as a Government liquidation auction closing. I pay dues to the MVPA...
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