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  1. BenRoberts


    Curious on wait times to receive your sf97 from gp. I believe it comes FedEx but FedEx around here likes to deliver my stuff to everyone but me so just curious how long I can expect.
  2. BenRoberts

    Tan to camo

    When going from tan to camo would it be in the best interests to paint the whole trailer (1082) green then blend in black and brown or spot paint all the colors as I go
  3. BenRoberts

    Keep blowing axle seals

    I'm about to pull my hair out with this thing. I keep blowing the left side rear axle seals. I've ran new vents replaced with good parts, no burs on anything and after a few hundred miles there they go again. It's always the same ones. Any thoughts or issues I may be overlooking?
  4. BenRoberts

    Gp location issue

    I have a more than likely an easy fix gp location issue. I live in Ohio have my account set up for Ohio but for whatever reason when I watch items in Ohio it tells me they are 855 miles away and no location in Ohio is that far away from me. I rechecked my account and it still says it's...
  5. BenRoberts

    Small fire in the 5 ton M923

    Decided I wanted to get the M923 out in the snow and knew she wouldn't start too good at 5 degrees outside but said I'll give it a try any how. Little did I know my battery ends loosened just enough that when the high amp draw hit it the terminal s melted in half and caught my seat on fire...
  6. BenRoberts

    Pics of members rides in their parades

    I'll go first
  7. BenRoberts

    Spare tire area ideas

    Im looking for some ideas on what to do with the spare tire area on my 923. The 395 is going in the bed so I'm thinking about some sort of large ammo crate or something along those lines. Any ideas and pics would be appreciated
  8. BenRoberts


    I recently had all the classic bad PCB issues no dash power no start etc. I removed the old one and something had blown apart inside because it sounded like it was full of rocks when shaking it. Curious what would come apart inside?
  9. BenRoberts

    Delco 24si alternator install on nhc250

    Got a 24si alternator from 74m35a2 and here is how the installation went. On first mock up it was clear the pulley was going to sit to far forward. To combat this the bracket was removed and machined to make it adjustable next since the 2 tabs for mounting on the bottom of the alternator were...
  10. BenRoberts

    sca precharged coolant

    im going to be changing the coolant on this nhc250 and came across this sca precharged diesel coolant made by peak sold at tractor supply co. has anyone used this and is it worth a darn. its about the same price as mixing it myself but ive become paranoid about liner failures so to make me feel...
  11. BenRoberts

    new to painting

    I will be painting the 923 this spring. I will be buying the cheap-o harbor freight gun and more than likely using the behr paint. With being new to any sort of painting does the paint get cut with thinner like automotive paint or is it a poor and go.
  12. BenRoberts

    923 battery question

    I am running two batteries instead of four in the ol 5 ton which has worked fine by my question is I have two solar battery maintainers when using these should I have the two batteries isolated or am i ok leaving them hooked up. Never used maintainers before but with the truck sitting now...
  13. BenRoberts

    Cargo cover question

    I'm just curious on what the straps inside the cover hook to. I'm sure I got it all screwed up cover needs work but I'm sure I'll get all the holes patched
  14. BenRoberts

    Air dryer freeze up and other problems

    I am having an issue 0n my 923 where when the outside temp is oh id say high 20s or lower my air pressure will build too high before blowing off. after it runs awhile (gets warm) its business as usual with it shutting off at about 120psi. the only thing I can think of is ice build up in the...
  15. BenRoberts

    Franklin ohio large car show

    Im gathering interest for anyone that wants to go to a large car show in franklin ohio on aug 13. its sort of last minute but its open to all makes and models and typically has 800-900 enteries so I think it needs some MV's. its about 3 or 4 miles from my house in springboro ohio and could stage...
  16. BenRoberts

    Axle seals....again

    I changed out the left middle axle seal a few months ago and when I looked at it today its leaking again. There was no scoring or anything on the axle to indicate any sort of issue, the new seals were of high quality and the install went great so im not sure what would cause them to keep leaking...
  17. BenRoberts

    Spitter valve

    curious if the spitter valve on the bottom of the air dryer can be purchased separately from the air dryer. The one on my truck gets stuck from time to time.
  18. BenRoberts

    painted warning lights

    Im just curious why the gov. would paint over the warning lights on the dash by the gauges. I thought they were just blanks but I unscrewed the lenses and there were bulbs behind it so not blanks. Has the nice thick green stuff sprayed over them. All this on my 923a0
  19. BenRoberts

    changing gauges

    Im installing a new engine temp gauge and im wondering dash panel has to come out to do so? Also when changing out the washer fluid valve does the knob come off and then it gets pushed through the dash?
  20. BenRoberts

    painting the exhaust

    I haven't been able to find high temp green paint for my exhaust. tried some plain olive drab and it turned yellow after a heat cycle. any suggestions?
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