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  1. 69birdman

    Lake Butler Florida

    Went to Lake Butler today to pick up a 831a generator, I called prior to give them a heads up. When I arrived Eric already had my gen on the forklift ready to load. Very nice guy, guess he was at Albany yard previously. Anyways big shout out to Eric , thank you sir! Peace...
  2. 69birdman

    831a mobility

    Hey folks, thought I'd do a review of my experience of trying to keep my 831a mobile. When I first acquired it , I put it on a 40"x48" trailer and intended on parking it next to my 803a on the power end of my house. After finding out how fickle these 831s are to moisture, I moved it into...
  3. 69birdman

    " Safety messsage " !

    Hey fellas, Make sure your gens are down wind from your home's. I'm sure all of us no enough to have them far enough away from windows, garage doors ECT. , but Watch out for your neighbors who may not! There's been 8 deaths since Hurricane Laura from carbon monoxide poisoning from...
  4. 69birdman

    802-803 fuel pump

    Has anyone replaced the Faccett primary pump with the E8135 yet? It looks like a very tight stretch to get the inlet hose to reach ?
  5. 69birdman

    802 wiring question

    I'm tracing the circuit from the AC interruper switch to K-1. I'm good to TB-5 & out , til it goes though J-6 on to K-1. How do the fittings at J-6 come apart? I can't find in the TM's how these connectors are to be separated , I don't wanna break these old 1995 fittings.
  6. 69birdman

    Casters on an 831a

    Has anyone tried bolting a 1/2" stem caster directly to the 4 corners of the skids on a 831a? I'd think with 4 or 5" wheels would allow it to roll on solid ground.
  7. 69birdman

    Murray ultra 55358 thermostat

    Can anyone still find a Murray ultra 55358 thermostat, 180° with the little jiggler? It works perfectly, all I can now is a cheap motorad.
  8. 69birdman

    New to me 831a

    I gotta say ,I'm more than happy with an 831a I worked out a partial trade with Demoh. I asked for a running unit, and he "self proclaimed OCD" , put together a ,IMO a perfect machine. This thing runs like new, (Kurts controller as well). I put it on the little yard trailer and pull it...
  9. 69birdman

    802/803 fuel pump fittings

    It's been discussed that the Airtex e1074 is the replacement fuel pump for 802/803s , but where do I find the specs of replacement fuel line ? (Circled parts) Nsn #s lead to no actual description of said parts. Or did I overlook it somewhere, crosseyed from chasing #s. Thanks Brian
  10. 69birdman

    Ft.Bragg pickup

    I'm watching a couple items out of Ft.Bragg ,and from what I've read, it's an SOB for pickup. Tuesday 8-12 only ? " I'd be coming from central florida. Anyone local to pickup up , small load, pickup truck? Then I could meet you local?
  11. 69birdman

    Hurricane Florence

    That time of year again brothers, peak of season on the east coast. Everyone fueled, locked & loaded ready, Florence may get close. I just added a 50amp distribution box to my setup.
  12. 69birdman

    Fuel connection

    Does anyone have any experience with this fuel connection? It's listed as a gravity feed connector for 5 gal or 55gal. Found a few on eBay for around $23 shipped.
  13. 69birdman

    803A workout

    I put my mule to work yesterday. Started it up, got it up to temperature, plugged in the stove and started with broiler (3400watts) for 15 minutes. Then added 2 small burners (2400watts) ran that for 2 hours. My percentage rate meter does not seem to move much at all. Gained a couple degrees in...
  14. 69birdman

    New member & 803a owner

    Hello fellas New member/ 803a owner, picked up a 99 , showing 3434hrs on meter. Oil is new, coolant full, I put 2 new batterys to it and it fired right up! Runs great, all gauges work & appear to be in range. Several markings inside and out of a rebuild or at least a service in 6/2010. I fabbed...
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