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  1. islandguydon

    Transportation needed for a M109A3 from Clare Michigan 48617 to Lake worth Florida 33462

    I sold my 109A3, I live in Clare Michigan, The new owner would prefer to ship the truck and trailer by flatbed, to Lake Worth Florida than do the 45-50 MPH crawl straight up I-75, like I did when I bought it in Florida and drove to Michigan. He would like it shipped A.S.A.P. / or in the next...
  2. islandguydon

    MV of the Month - March 2021

    I'm not shy I will toss a 109A3 in as well this month. Can't decide which picture to use...?
  3. islandguydon

    WANT ASAP: M1008/M1028 CUCV. HAVE CASH!!!

    Look up Bob H, He bought mine and may be willing to sell it to you. I will have a clean title to him in a week or so.
  4. islandguydon

    Hello from New York

    Eastern Surplus is about as reputable as it gets. Document your recovery, you will enjoy every mile of your 45 mph crawl back home. My last recovery I flew from Flint, Michigan to Miami international to Oddballs LZ, then convoyed up I-75 to the Georgia Rally, then began the long trek up 75...
  5. islandguydon

    Hello from New York

    Welcome, Are you buying off this site>...? Way back when, I bought my 1st off a gentleman here on steel soldiers. The support here is priceless. Make a thread and take pictures of your recovery. You know this gets kinda addictive and there is NO chantix to help, LOL..... Good luck bro..
  6. islandguydon

    Official 2020 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally (20GMVR) information thread

    I dont have the entire MKT set up, but I do have stoves, griddle & all the electrical hookups, fuel lines....if it would help anyone, now that Mike has retired.
  7. islandguydon

    Georgia rally this year>......?

    Anyone from Michigan wanna Convoy down I-75 to Georgia....? I'm game, I will drive Oddball's deuce on my Avitar, pulling an empty trailer, which I know will find it's way home full of chit..the rally has some good chit.
  8. islandguydon

    Free U.S. Military Manuals-From 1936-Present Day

    The forgoing list is whats available by clicking the link below. {1936-1999}. 1999 to present day available for free. [[ In pdf format. ]] click here: >...>...> Name 1936 US Army WWII Radio Receiver Inst. for BC-224A 71p.pdf...
  9. islandguydon

    Is your high water MV ready to help those in need this hurricane season...?

    simp5782 LocationMemphis, TN Pfft. All my neighbors hate my military trucks. They like to annoy code about em. I might help folks in other neighborhoods but the ones in mine can swim and fend for themselves. I hear ya, sounds like your HOA is like most others, your not alone.
  10. islandguydon

    Is your high water MV ready to help those in need this hurricane season...?

    Is your high water MV ready to help those in need this hurricane season...? We have all read the Katrina story posted by our S/S brother with his deuce, and the selfless effort he made to help many in need. If there is a need in my area of Northern Michigan I stand firm at the ready to help...
  11. islandguydon

    MV of the Month September 2020

    2004 Stewart & Stevenson M1088A1 , Dude got it going on with that one.......! IMHO that's my vote.
  12. islandguydon

    Setting up an MEP-003A as a permanent stand-by Generator

    It seems my point is mistaken, In the commercial Security Gate business when you back hoe the footings for the piers you always pour the forms for the mechanical. This includes the master / slave conduits, power, telephone and fire dept override for the electronic KNOX access for emergency...
  13. islandguydon

    Setting up an MEP-003A as a permanent stand-by Generator

    Remember, The gen head & unit is grounded to the frame, hence if the pad is grounded by a 8' rod, & its steel FRAME is lagged to the concrete, your covered all the way around, IMHO. Btw, there should always be a bond from the unit to the rod, I always just secure it in the pad...
  14. islandguydon


  15. islandguydon

    Setting up an MEP-003A as a permanent stand-by Generator

    Good looking, unit. I don't know if you had a thread about the rebuild/recondition to this point of install, I just came back into the fold. My passion is atlernative fuels for the MV, and power generation. I have poured many a pad in my day for stand by generators so in my "humble opinion" I...
  16. islandguydon

    New -002A Owner looking for guidance

    [@Guyfang] I'm just getting back into the swing of things. I have a memory like a computer, so when I go back out to storage i'll rummage through a few containers and promptly get back to you, might even scan them into a PDF format and make a thread out of it to share with every one here, maybe...
  17. islandguydon

    How about the Georgia Rally this year.....?

    Looking forward to 2020, covid wiling. Does anyone have a few extra 2019 T-shirts leftover from last years rally.......? Oh Dear Lord Thank you for Our Defenders in Olive Drab...!
  18. islandguydon

    New -002A Owner looking for guidance

    [Guyfang] All the TM's here in the forum are the most up to date, allowed to be given to the unwashed masses. Some TM's are not authorized for public release. Thank you Crusty. I guess I am getting old. I have been feeling shi**y about it, since reading your post. A little humble pie is...
  19. islandguydon

    New -002A Owner looking for guidance

    Well i guess its prefrence , Why maintain [2] when you maintain only [1], guess it does not matter, either way your going to use a solargizer anyway to keep the voltage topped off and desulfated . I have started my generators, and a truck or two with only [1]. Just a thought, I did not...
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