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  1. reallybigboat


    What's the best way to post pictures? Inserted into text like this one? (Just a test, please do not reply).
  2. reallybigboat

    Lone Star Cars, Plano, Texas - CUCV dealer

    Lone Star Cars in Plano, Texas (a suburb north of Dallas) advertises CUCV's, both M1008's and M1009's on eBay. I went to the location last weekend to see for myself. I drove-up in my CUCV and they thought I was returning from a test drive! He has 15-20 CUCV's in stock in various conditions. I...
  3. reallybigboat

    Inspection and Pics needed - So. California area

    Anyone near the Riverside, Woodcrest, California area that could go inspect and take pictures of a couple of military vehicles for me? I'm willing to pay someone a reasonable amount, like $50 or so, if they would go to a specific location, and take multiple digital pictures of two different...
  4. reallybigboat

    Will the spring on the VRC series antenna base rust?

    I know this forum knows.... I just took delivery of three NOS VRC antennas from the guy on eBay from Israel. They are NOS, by the way, complete with hardware, manuals, gasket, tie-down kit, etc. And, delivery to my door was in five days from Israel. Not too bad at all! My question is does...
  5. reallybigboat

    WTT: 5 ton wrecker M543A2 + M35A2C + M105A2 for something super nice, Dallas, TX area

    I have to post five times to SS before I can post a classified ad, so the 5 ton forum will see my first post which will be similar to the ad I plan to post in the classified section (only 4 more posts to go!). I am private owner and interested in trading the following, all of which I own and...
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