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  1. nk14zp


    I think we all need to give patracy some time to implement all of the changes he's making and not start new threads every time some little thing doesn't work the way it did. P.S. I think he is doing a great job so far.
  2. nk14zp

    Wiper inserts

    Step one remove hook from wiper blade and old insert. Step two cut plastic to remove from new insert. Step thee mark and cut notch in new insert. Step four reinstall hook on wiper blade. All done hope this helps.
  3. nk14zp

    Search primer

    On the left click advanced search. Now type in your key word. Now select what forum to search. Hit search now. Hope this helps people find what they are looking for easier.
  4. nk14zp

    chaplains corner

    We need to check this more often!
  5. nk14zp


    Do not respond.
  6. nk14zp

    Big thanks to doghead and m38inmaine

    Thanks for the parts and transport of parts. Thanka again.:grin::grin::grin:
  7. nk14zp

    Marvel Mystery Oil

    Any one using this in the deuce?
  8. nk14zp

    Muffler ?

    Anyone compared the Napa muffler to the Summit muffler sound/db wise?
  9. nk14zp

    Spike rides the short bus

    My dog spike in shorty.
  10. nk14zp

    my new toy

    my new toy
  11. nk14zp

    Heater idea for recovery

    Hopefully I'll be recovering my duece's soon. It's -17 out right now and the duece's don't have heater's. my two options are gen set in bed electric heat in cab or propane Mr heater in cab. the propane would be the easy one because the generator would be alot harder to get to and load because of...
  12. nk14zp

    Email address

    Where do you send EUC? tnx
  13. nk14zp

    How do you know?

    How do you know for you won an item?
  14. nk14zp

    Sound,Heat insulation

    DIY Sound,Heat insulation Don't know if this should go here or not.If not feel free to move it. DIY Lizard skin check out this site{ }Hope this help's.And I hope I did not break any rule's.
  15. nk14zp


    Anyone know the pattent # for the hmmwv?
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