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  1. blackhueys

    gen 1 light on with fan fixed!

    Ok I know alot of others have run into this issue, you turn your fan on for heat and gen 1 on the dash lights up dimly and volt gauge drops a bit. Well I fixed mine, Bought a relay harness and a relay used the stock 12 volts from the original feed to the blower motor as my switched feed to...
  2. blackhueys

    Thermo 50 hmmwv heater

    Here is the manual for the webasto coolant heater for the 6.2 and 6.5 HMMWV
  3. blackhueys

    Vehicular heater 24&p maint manual

    Here is the manual for general and direct support of vehicular heaters basically the 24 level maintenance book for troubleshooting.
  4. blackhueys

    snow plow question?

    Anyone know if a plow off of a 79 Chevy pick up would fit on my m1009? Found a good deal on one complete setup but want to see if it would fit first. Not looking to have to buy anything else. It comes with the truck which is junk I just want the plow setup off the truck. here is a picture of the...
  5. blackhueys

    CUCV arctic heater install manual

    Not sure if anyone needs this but here you go.
  6. blackhueys

    steering column bearings

    Anyone ever rebuild the steering column? Mine has a lot of slop right where the bottom bearing is so I am looking to see if anyone has ever replaced the bottom bearing? This is in a 1009
  7. blackhueys

    racor spin on ??

    I am thinking of doing a spin on filter for fuel mod but have a slight issue as I have the arctic heaters in my truck so not alot of room. Could I go with the racor 445r filter setup or is 45 gph not enough for our trucks? I tried looking for several hours on what the flow rate is for a 6.2...
  8. blackhueys

    GEN Lights

    Since alot of people seem to be encountering this I will tell you what finally did the fix for me and only cost 25.00. First I had the Alternators rebuilt helped some but problem still there fan on high etc. Well got bored yesterday and pulled them out and tore them down found out that the shop...
  9. blackhueys

    CUCV Model

    found this site today kinda cool looking models a bit on the high end but still cool looking
  10. blackhueys

    Artic heater manual

    I have if anyone wants it the install manual for the cucv trucks. I have it in a pdf file, very helpful and a lot of good pics. drop me a pm with email or if an admin would be so nice as to allow me to send it to them maybe they could post it up as a sticky?
  11. blackhueys

    Arctic heater?

    Was wondering if anyone here would be interested in the complete heater set up for under hood? Both heaters all mounting hardware etc, none of the canvas stuff just whats under hood and the in cab controller box. basically a 95 percent complete kit where all you would need is some bolts and a...
  12. blackhueys

    Extra batterys?

    Ok so I want to add 2 more battery's to my truck they will be wired for 24 volts as a back up to the main ones. My question is this I already have the battery's but do I need a battery disconnect switch where I can chose the stock battery's or the aux battery's or both? Or do I need to get a...
  13. blackhueys

    looky what I got!

    I found this on ebay and bought it for 600.00 U.S. can you believe it! anyone with any pics of this system installed or anyone with any info let me know what you know. Looks like i will be needing to get a few more things for it but it is almost complete!
  14. blackhueys

    HELP! Tailgate

    On my 86 m1009 on the tailgate there are 2 cable locating thingys for the support cable, one on both sides these are used to guide the cable in towards the tailgate and away from the bed when closing so the cables wont get pinced on the tailgate sides. Anyone know where to get a new or good used...
  15. blackhueys

    Anyone else going?

    any one else going to this event? Inaugural Tri-State 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals
  16. blackhueys

    I 94?

    anything along the I 94 corridor from detroit mi all the way up to mn. along this route Yahoo! Maps, Driving Directions, and Traffic
  17. blackhueys


    For your consideration not mine I have a 1009 sorry lol. Just thought you all might want this 1977 Dodge National Guard military truck
  18. blackhueys

    ?Fuel Line?

    ok on my M1009 where the main fuel line comes off the frame under the hood it transitions to a molded rubber line. This line goes to the lift pump it is S shaped. does anyone know where to get this thing!?
  19. blackhueys

    M1009 Antenna hole?

    Ok found a cheap fix for those of us that are missing the rubber plug that is in the topper part of M1009 trucks the hole where the antenna cable goes through. My fix was under a buck and here it is, go to your local hardware store and get a 7/8 rubber furniture foot pad thingy like this (see...
  20. blackhueys

    Wire Harness?

    I own a m1009 but am missing some of the wires that are for the rear lights I.E. blackout etc. I saw on ebay a harness for the rear of a 1008. Will the 1008 harness fit my 1009? here is the link. CUCV M1008 PICKUP NEW REAR HARNESS : eBay Motors (item 330410920106 end time Jun-02-10 17:34:17 PDT)...
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