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  1. amgeneral72

    Another Oh-58

    Won this today. It’s pretty complete inside and has the doors. I have a tail and cowlings. Can’t wait to get her put together.
  2. amgeneral72

    My First M38 Barn Find

    Picked this up yesterday. Is was in a barn about 1/4 mile back in the woods with no real road left to get to it. We used the the Japanese mini truck to drag it out through the woods. It was a challenge do it but she prevailed frozen brakes and all. Once we got it to the main road and started...
  3. amgeneral72

    LMTV Raleigh NC to Atlanta

    Need a running driving LMTV to be brought down from Raleigh to Atlanta area anyone have any ideas
  4. amgeneral72

    In need of a armord vehicle for film work in the northeast

    Many of you on the site that know me are aware that I do film work with vehicles for a living. A friend of mine is in need of a small tank or other similar vehicle for a feature being filmed in the Boston area. We have some items in GA just looking for something maybe a little closer to him. It...
  5. amgeneral72

    My first Russian vehicle

    I always wanted something form the Soviet era and found this. I just couldn't resist.
  6. amgeneral72

    Saving a couple OH-58's

    I won these today. I believe I will be able to put together a decent example out of the two.
  7. amgeneral72

    Recovery: M1010

    Just woke up at the hotel. About to grab some breakfast and head over to the Mississippi surplus property yard to grab my first 84 m1010. It’s currently 14 degrees. Wish is luck everyone.
  8. amgeneral72

    Won a Deuce fire truck

    So is there a M series # for this truck. I couldn't find one. Not even sure what to do with it but it looks cool.
  9. amgeneral72

    M-715 woods recovery

    Is it worth it???
  10. amgeneral72

    My First M-37 ( A Barn Find )

    I was told its a 52. It should be here at the house later today.
  11. amgeneral72

    Camping in the S250

    Just decide to get away for a few days.
  12. amgeneral72

    Another M200A1 5th wheel dolly build

    Got started on my M200 converter dolly build today. I plan on using it with my M146 shop trailer. No real reason except I always wanted one for it. I think it would be cool as a wagon style trailer. Im going to cut 7 inches off of the ramps to make them even with the rear of the dolly and I...
  13. amgeneral72

    Deuce in Gulf War pic

    Found this pic Its supposedly Gulf War Thats a heavy load for that duce
  14. amgeneral72

    So what did I win ??? CUCV II, III ????

    Was listed as a 2000 Tahoe
  15. amgeneral72

    Radio identification

    Can anyone ID this radio Looks like it fits the standard RT-524 type base Thanks
  16. amgeneral72

    Won my first M1028-A2 today...yippeee

    Picked up this bad boy from the county auction Today. Its missing a few parts but its in pretty decent shape. 32,000 on the odometer.
  17. amgeneral72

    The wife bought ANOTHER Jeep

    My wife's latest purchase is a 1983 AM GENERAL DJ-5 mail jeep. Not Military but it is cool. Apparently from what I've read AM GENERAL took over the contract to make dispatcher jeeps around 1971 and ceased production in 1983. Over that time they used a wide variety of power plants. This...
  18. amgeneral72

    Got kicked by a mule and liked it

    I recovered my first M274 mule yesterday. It had been sitting behind a barn under a lean to for some time. According to the data plate its a Marine Corps 1969 m274A5. After a few hours of pulling the magneto and retiming the engine ,as well as some new gas, the wife and I were cruising the...
  19. amgeneral72

    The NASA Truck

    Why Not?
  20. amgeneral72

    Want to add another fuel filter- any thoughts?

    I recently won a M923a2 and it only has the spin-on engine fuel filter. The Police department that had this truck before me cut the line going too the primer on the engine and put a cheap plastic inline filter to act as a pre-filter. I will admit there was some rust in the tank but Ive solved...
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