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  1. m38inmaine

    4 BBL Carb Conversion

    I would like to upgrade to a 4bbl intake and carburetor on my M886, would like to ask if you have done this and what parts are required, like to buy new. My big concern is mating up the linkage, especially the transmission linkage on the carb. Thanks
  2. m38inmaine

    Manual/Power Steering Drag Link Same ?

    It's been several years since I converted to power steering on my M882, my M886 has the same power steering set up but needs a new drag link. The new surplus ones available say manual steering only, I don't recall having to change the manual steering one when I converted the M882 to power...
  3. m38inmaine

    Power Steering Steering Wheel

    Is the factory steering wheel for power steering a smaller diameter than the manual steering wheel ? The power steering with the original(manual)wheel seems too easy to steer. Thanks
  4. m38inmaine

    M886 Commo Truck Build

    Picked up this M886 from another SS member yesterday, plan is to build it into a commo truck for local ARES events and military shows. Started today on cleaning up and removing some old parts. Trailer hitch was quite low to the ground so I removed it. The exhaust needs to be replaced and...
  5. m38inmaine

    BOB H Inbox Full

    HI Bob your PM is full.
  6. m38inmaine

    Operation Urgent Restoration II The M715

    Now that the Gama Goat is "finished" it's time to start on another project, the M715. My first purchase was a M715 mud truck project fail, I purchased the body only, the PO sold the chassis off to a friend. The bed was rotten but it had the all important tailgate which was worth more than I...
  7. m38inmaine

    NATO Slave Port Adapter Power Plug/Ration Heater ?

    I am trying to find what plug fits this NATO slave port adapter, I think it may have been designed for a ration heater power supply. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  8. m38inmaine

    Runs only in "Start" Position

    All of a sudden my old reliable 882 won't stay running in the "on" position of the key. It will start and run in the "crank" position but as soon as you release the key to the "run" position it shuts right off. Any help appreciated.
  9. m38inmaine

    Bob H In box

    Bob your in box is full..
  10. m38inmaine

    US Army Film , Meeting Tomorrows Challenge

    Gama Goat at 9:12 and 19:52 and a lot of other neat stuff.
  11. m38inmaine

    Gama Goat FAAR Radar

    First video I have seen showing the Goat with the FAAR radar system, almost looks like an early pre production goat. 9:42
  12. m38inmaine


    Bill, is this your machine ?
  13. m38inmaine

    Pre Production 3-53

    Here is a rare photograph that I have in my book of a pre production 3-53 Detroit diesel engine for the Gama Goat. Can you spot the one item that is different from the production engine ?
  14. m38inmaine

    Uaz 452 van

    Looking for any one in the US that may have one or know of one, any information appreciated.
  15. m38inmaine


    I would like to thank him for making an effort to help me out with shipping in the vast expanse of UT. Another great SS member looking out for others.
  16. m38inmaine

    Tooele UT to BAck East 6EA Tires

    6 mounted 1100-18 tires from tooele ,UT to Maine or any point East that get me closer too them. Thanks
  17. m38inmaine

    MEP-003A High Voltage Fixed !

    I thought I would post my findings that it may help some one in the future. Voltage went high on my MEP-003A, 160+ VAC. Hz reading was correct but I had no control over the voltage using the voltage adjust and % load meter and voltage meter were not working. My initial thought was bad voltage...
  18. m38inmaine

    Big Thanks to dmetalmiki

    Dave came to the rescue for me when I needed some help from the UK. His attention to detail and timeliness was amazing, could not ask for a better friend, thanks Dave:grin:.
  19. m38inmaine

    Salt Lake City UT to Back East

    Looking for help getting 6 Gama Goat tires from SLC Utah to Back East, destination is Maine. I would be happy just to get them to MA area. They are 40"x12" and weigh about 85lbs each. SS express or if you are a shipper I would be interested and I am not in a hurry, if it takes a month or two...
  20. m38inmaine

    Priming T/C Oil Pump

    I am trying to prime my transfer case oil pump, following the instructions in the TM. I can pull a steady flow of oil through with a suction gun but all I can get by manually actuating the pump is a dribble. Is this normal or should I be able to get a steady flow manually? Thanks
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