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  1. SturmTyger380

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    Most people don't thin the paint but some add floetrol to help the paint laydown better.
  2. SturmTyger380

    New early deuce owners in Oklahoma *Lucy*

    My favorite touch is the weather proof covered electrical outlet on the side of the cab. What was that used for?
  3. SturmTyger380

    1952 GMC M135

    I could probably try to bend one up but if you have a spare heater scoop that you could send my way that would be great! Alan
  4. SturmTyger380

    1952 GMC M135

    Your truck has the heater. Can I get a picture of the scoop on the outside of the hood? Mine got lost and I would like measurements to make a new one.
  5. SturmTyger380

    Fuel pump glass bowl. Is there a filter?

    Later or trucks that went through the rebuild in the 60's, they got rid of the filter on the firewall. There should be a filter in the fuel tank on the pickup tube. Lots of folks add an additional filter inline before the carb just to keep trash from these old system out of the carby.
  6. SturmTyger380

    M135 Brake system question

    Well..... It depends on what you describe as too much work. Each wheel has two brake cylinders.... so there is the finding and paying for double the wheel cylinders as a newer Deuce. Then there is the heavy work of pulling the old wheels and drums off. The brake shoes may be inundated in...
  7. SturmTyger380

    1952 M135 W/Winch

    Well you want as much of the transmission oil to be in action in the system so the level can be checked. When the engine is running the front impeller is spinning and pumping oil around. When you are in drive the oil goes through some other areas of the transmission but I would think the...
  8. SturmTyger380

    Dodge M37: Door Locks?

    Long ago and reprinted in the Dodge M37 Restoration Guide, (An over priced soft bound book if you can find one), was an article by Daniel Pinkham. He describes using a hardware store lever garage door handle with a key lock in it. The garage handle has a square tang. The tang is too long but...
  9. SturmTyger380

    what is the shelf life of paint?

    I have a friend that is still using up his full leftover cans of automotive paint from the 80's. Uses it to spray various things like yard chairs and the such. He says it still works great. I would think the oil based Gillespie would last better than the modern Acrylic.
  10. SturmTyger380

    Best paint

    Asking what's the best paint will open a can of worms! Some folks like using the behr paint because they can just get it mixed at Home Depot and it's easy to apply. Your results will vary with how you prep and apply it. But folks say it it easy to touch up. Some say it scratches easy...
  11. SturmTyger380

    Finally restoring the M37

    Just a little gunky on the brake assembly but over all it looks like it's in good shape. I just primed my housing.
  12. SturmTyger380

    New to me M38A1 ! New finished pics up!!

    Which RT radio transmitter did you find? The RT-68 was the infantry band. The RT-67 was artillery. And, RT-66 was armor.
  13. SturmTyger380

    Picked up an M151, and need help finding a part

    Parts of the kit and sometimes complete kits come up on e-pay from time to time.
  14. SturmTyger380

    I'm new to Deuce world.

    Also known as the Slobber Tube! :neutral:
  15. SturmTyger380

    MERDC and LMTV

    Like SIGO says - Just remember back in the day the MERDC patterns were kind of a guide for the local units to paint their vehicles. Many of the paint jobs were close but varied a lot.
  16. SturmTyger380

    My first running M38A1

    Make sure you save and try to straighten that front bumper as it is the early short one and correct for your M38A1. The original diagonal seam fenders are original and rare too.
  17. SturmTyger380

    New to me M38A1 ! New finished pics up!!

    That's a nice one! I like the mod for the passenger side mirror. How is the bracket mounted to the windshield frame?
  18. SturmTyger380

    1951 M-37 generator won't polarize

    I have always done the re-polarizing flash directly to the generator with the reg to gen cable removed.
  19. SturmTyger380

    TWO M151 MUTTs! New to me...

    Welcome! I have a 66 M151A1. Needs some work to be able to run. Now you need to show us some pictures! 8)
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