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  1. Flyingvan911

    Ciao dall' Italia!!!

    Nice! Welcome from Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
  2. Flyingvan911

    G177 Tires on a M35A2, How do you like them?

    They are great. I singled out my deuce to put them in. Some people had to adjust their steering a little.
  3. Flyingvan911

    Hello from MO

    Welcome from Kansas City, MO.
  4. Flyingvan911

    Canadian member here

    Welcome from Kansas City, Missouri!
  5. Flyingvan911

    1977 M151A2 & 1967 M416

    Very nice!
  6. Flyingvan911

    Manifold Heater Leak

    I just unplugged mine.
  7. Flyingvan911

    RT-524 Failure

    Steve Haney is a great guy. He got my RT-524 going after I got it off EBay. He is highly recommended.
  8. Flyingvan911

    R.I.P.--LIFER--Charles Briggs

    Very sorry to hear about your father. Prayers said.
  9. Flyingvan911

    Napa 6tl batteries

    If the regulator on the back of the alternator is bad it can cause a draw.
  10. Flyingvan911

    Found this in oil, what is it?

    That’s odd. Maybe it got dropped in the engine when someone was working on the truck? Is it cracked like it could have slid out of its proper spot? Any pics of the new deuce?
  11. Flyingvan911

    Speedometer questions

    I switched from 9.00x20’s to G177 11.00x20’s and my speedometer shows 2mph slower than actual speed now. It’s not a big deal. The radial tires are great.
  12. Flyingvan911

    Well this is not good, GP hiking fees!

    That’s crazy.
  13. Flyingvan911

    Favorite noise your deuce makes

    I like the flutter of my C turbo when I am off-road and going down a steep hill in 3rd low. Having the foot off the gas with the weight of the truck pushing makes a sweet whistle.
  14. Flyingvan911

    Harbor Freight Safety Recall

    I would not buy anything from Harbor Freight that I would be relying on to protect my life. It’s worth spending more for something better.
  15. Flyingvan911

    New Member from Oklahoma

    Welcome. Be sure to check out the threads on the KAMO rally held each fall in Wyandotte, OK at the D-Day Adventure Park.
  16. Flyingvan911

    M151 transmission

    I put a red X on the shifter pivot cap. This way I can’t make that mistake.
  17. Flyingvan911

    Packard Connectors

    When you slide the male into the female I recommend putting a little dielectric grease on the male. It helps them slide together easily and helps prevent them from getting stuck in the future.
  18. Flyingvan911

    Is this military? Interesting brush guard

    It looks military.
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