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  1. DavidWymore

    2021 SoCal Spring Rally

    Not sure I wanna drive the deuce that far but might come up
  2. DavidWymore

    M lull

    Looking to get one of these, any input anyone? Thanks
  3. DavidWymore

    Charging system upgrade for the Deuce

    My local guy had one for $220 but I didn’t inspect for brand
  4. DavidWymore

    Charging system upgrade for the Deuce

    I took my 21 SI to the local alternator shop, and he said it was smoked. I want to get another, but are there any inexpensive brands that are better or worse than others in anyone’s experience?. Thanks
  5. DavidWymore

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Old Miller tilt top
  6. DavidWymore

    video of a deuce with air brakes

    Last summer I saw a fire fighting deuce in CO with air brakes. I'll have to find the pics.
  7. DavidWymore

    overdrive of some sort for bobbed m35a2 deuce

    Perhaps an NV4500
  8. DavidWymore

    PTO powered hydraulic pump for...everything?

    I wonder how much umph that belt driven unit I have has.
  9. DavidWymore

    PTO powered hydraulic pump for...everything?

    Very good point. Would be nice to have power all the time.
  10. DavidWymore

    PTO powered hydraulic pump for...everything?

    I have a couple rear facing T-case PTOs. Also a couple from civvy converted water trucks (the '62 and '66) that are one speed rear facing shaft IIRC. Then a reservoir, maybe cooler, some quick couplers... Come to think of it, I have a belt driven underhood hydraulic pump with electric clutch...
  11. DavidWymore

    Compressor Truck in SoCal needs home to avoid Scrapper

    You guys have suggestions on what to do with this thing? Anyone know anyone who would be interested in it? The truck is so rough, I'm thinking to pull the bed off and save it and part what's left of the truck. Powertrain and one diff is missing.
  12. DavidWymore

    PTO powered hydraulic pump for...everything?

    Seems like a “wet kit” might be the handiest thing to have on a deuce. A hydraulic winch seems better than pto, and you can do a dump bed, log splitter, hoist, mini backhoe, plow, etc. with it...thoughts?
  13. DavidWymore

    Bobbed deuce speed

    I think it's usually rod failure...? There are improved rod bolts now.
  14. DavidWymore

    Bobbed deuce speed

    Curious about the rod failures themselves
  15. DavidWymore

    Bobbed deuce speed

    Please expound on the "center web" Thanks!
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