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  1. olewhiskey

    First Delivery HMMWVs Paint color?

    With a very early production HMMWV, I think the original might be Woodland in service but I have seen some MERDC camo HMMWVS(granted rare). What would be the correct color in service for a HMMWV as delivered? Did AM General deliver these in solid Green or Woodland?
  2. olewhiskey

    Anyone Recovered form Albany GA Marine Logistics Base?

    Plan on picking up a vehicle there. Have not recovered a vehicle from that facility before, interested if any unique or curious protocol there?
  3. olewhiskey

    Doors wont open from outside M35A3

    Have been driving the M35A3 regularly and both doors have quit opening from the outside like the combat locks are engaged. I had a locking door handle from "Those Military Guys" and worked great for a while. When the drivers door stopped opening I switched it to the passenger side and that...
  4. olewhiskey

    Hi Speed Blowout and other Fun!

    This was a past auction item, looks like a high speed blowout and impact ended this former county vehicles short career. Been there done that, not nearly as spectacular as this axle ripper though.
  5. olewhiskey

    Eisenhower Jeep National Trust for Scotland

    Ike's Jeep gifted to him by the National Trust for Scotland in 1946 in his honor for his position as Allied Supreme Commander. Dwight D. Eisenhower President.
  6. olewhiskey

    New Shoes 395s. M35a3 Lesley Marie

    G20s, how they look?
  7. olewhiskey

    Memorial Day Dacula Ga 2014

    Notes. Largest Memorial day Parade in Country 10,000K attendance Lesley Marie is named for a US Sergeant who had PTSD from Iraq 1974-2012 Was driven by her good friend a US Marine. The Boy Scout troop marched in the parade but hitched a ride back that was mile to walk in the hot sun/ Great...
  8. olewhiskey

    M35A2 1971 AM General W/W Birmingham AL To Athens GA

    Picked up a M35A2 from outside Birmingham. Was stated had a leaky master cylinder . Paid for it at City Hall and went to yard to pickup. Batteries were low and got slaved off by SWAT team HUMVEEE. City had a brand new 5 ton wrecker that looked it had just been completely rebuilt. Tried to pump...
  9. olewhiskey

    Georgia Ice and Snow Chains or no chains?

    So thinking about taking out the 925a2 winch truck if it ices for emergency travel. Looked over a few threads and it seems they MAY do ok low and slow without. Suggestions from experienced drivers ?
  10. olewhiskey

    Old Soldier's Day 2013 Alpharetta Ga

    Great turnout, with Ironclad, 3rdAARVBN and the Stopher Monster 5ton. Hot weather but sunny, lots of Vets and some other Iron.
  11. olewhiskey

    Old Soldiers day parade Alpharetta Ga Aug 3rd Saturday 2013.

    I have open spaces for entries who want to join us at this venerable event. Follow info here> I have been informed I can add a few more entries on my Parade Lineup. We will have 2 M923s and likely a3rdaavbn's USMC Deuce in the lineup and may be joined...
  12. olewhiskey

    The curious case of the M923A2 Shut Off Solenoid.

    Okay, drove the truck straight home from GovLick about two months ago. No problem Logged about 100 miles on the truck running around no issue. Then over at Clinto's it would not start after sitting for a few days. Solenoid was in the kill position. Cable tied "throttle" back as in picture. Ran...
  13. olewhiskey

    Muffler Options M923A2 ?

    Time to replace the muffler on my driver,any recommendations on NON stock mufflers, there are some Walker oval case which are close. I don't want to run a straight pipe as the truck is nice and quiet even with a holey muffler.
  14. olewhiskey

    Independence Parade July 4th Dunwoody

    The 4th of July parade went off even though rain threatened, we had 5 inches in some places the night before and a tropical front hanging out. One 5 ton didn't make but we did along with IroncladGA/HUMVEE and 3rdaavbn/M35A2 USMC.
  15. olewhiskey

    New 925A2

    Latest acq. from the Gummint Checked it out before auction and all lights and gauges worked. Stopped and started in. Waiting on the paid in full invoice. Had some cool gear(no gun mount legs) but radio mount and front guide markers, antennae mount, mysterious shelf, Custom plywood headliner and...
  16. olewhiskey

    923 underbed board replacement

    My latest has boards that are dry rotted about the first two feet at the end near the spare mount. I could fill with putty for now and repaint or outright replace. If I replace and my boom truck isn't available at the time any recommendations or many jacks to use ? Can I use just two or will...
  17. olewhiskey

    Dunwoody Ga Fourth Of July Parade

    We plan on taking two 5 tons, one deuce and a HUMVEE to the Dunwoody 4th of July parade 2013. It's a 2.2 mile long parade route. Anyone wants to join us there let me know :tank:
  18. olewhiskey

    5ton CTIS valve popoff and drip

    Left rear axle outer leak but gear oil leaking from Ctis fitting any ideas if this is just outer seal or something else. From android
  19. olewhiskey

    Dacula Ga Memorial Day Parade

    We took two 5 tons and were met by a Marine Corps 7 ton up from Dobbins Marine reserve Wing.
  20. olewhiskey

    Help to a friend on a grand reopening.

    My friends had their package store foreclosed because of a bank paperwork screw up, it took six weeks and 18,000 dollars but they got it back and open . Here is a pic of one my of my 5 tons I bannere'ed it up to make sure everyone got the word they were back in business.
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