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  1. 8madjack

    2 questions, batteries and tires

    it seems that two of my batteries have gone bad, I normally keep my truck on the Noco genius 24 volt charger through the slave port oh, I was putting it around on the property using it and I noticed once or twice when I hit the start switch it didn't crank and then when I hit it again a second...
  2. 8madjack

    Dropside tie down point rating

    I've done quite a bit of searching in the manuals, on the site, and online and have not been able to find any information on the weight rating capacity for the little fold down tie down points inside of a drop side bed. They don't look super substantial so I don't expect that they would be...
  3. 8madjack

    Fmtv crane maintenance manual, hydraulics specs?

    I am looking for the FMTV service manuals, currently only seems to be the -10 operating manual. Specifically I am looking for the 5000 lb crane maintenance and hydrauluc pymp specs. I see and have all the detailed manuals for my m931a1, but was hoping to find the same detail for the crane...
  4. 8madjack

    M931a1 crane and dump

    I have a 931a1 with a cut down dropside bed. I bought a grove material handling crane from an FMTV which I'll pick up next week. I also plan a dump conversion. I have a PTO from a member here, still need the pump, drive shaft and brackets. I also need to figure if the hydraulic tank from a...
  5. 8madjack

    WARN Remote Air Clutch Kit 71370

  6. 8madjack

    Hi from another new guy with M931A1

    Just wanted to drop in and say thanks, this place is full of awesome information! I recently made a deal to buy a m931a1 with a flat bed on it. Just kinda stumbled accross it, pristine truck and a good deal. I wanted a deuce since I got to drive one when I was in the USAF and the 5 ton just...
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