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  1. m38inmaine

    Need advice on my M886 Ambulance

    Did both of mine.
  2. m38inmaine

    Picked up an M151, and need help finding a part

    The M151/A1 grill are the same.
  3. m38inmaine

    Picked up an M151, and need help finding a part

    I have a nice A1 grill available and two nice windshields.
  4. m38inmaine

    Picked up an M151, and need help finding a part

    After passing on that one I purchased a 74 A2 a little further down the road. You might try Red River Parts in TX, they have a ton of m151 parts, I just received a large box of M51 parts from them, you have to have the part numbers ready when you call.
  5. m38inmaine

    Picked up an M151, and need help finding a part

    If that was the one in Prospect or Birch Harbor? I got stung by hornets when I opened the hood on it. That one will keep you busy replacing metal for sure, keep us posted.
  6. m38inmaine

    Military vehicle. radio group

    There are two active military radio collector's groups that are very active. The East coast group just had our annual meeting at the Gilbert PA(RED BALL) military vehicle show. Many of the groups members have military vehicles as well. We have a military radio net...
  7. m38inmaine

    M1010 box on a M1008

    The pass through door as I remember does not have a seal it relies on the cab to box seal. The frame has extensions welded on so if you do swap make sure to save them.
  8. m38inmaine

    MTVR RECOVERY from Yermo cali to Georgia

    Good luck kid, donated enough to get you a jerry can of fuel, keep us posted.
  9. m38inmaine

    mep-802a no start well pump

    You need to know how many amps the well pump is drawing compared to what your generator will handle. Electric motors can draw a lot of current on start up.
  10. m38inmaine

    2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28

    I will be looking for a clean M151A2 fuel tank, thanks.
  11. m38inmaine

    TWO M151 MUTTs! New to me...

    Nice find, A2's were not manufactured until 1970, your 66 would be a M151A1.
  12. m38inmaine

    I need missing manuals in PDF format

    I had those manuals and did not see that they were any more help than what is available here on SS. The only thing holding the center console in are 4 screws one at each corner and they are usually missing. Also will need to remove the shifter knobs and it will pull straight up and out...
  13. m38inmaine

    rear goat covers

    We were talking about the rear cargo cover not the cab top. BTW I have a good used cab top available.
  14. m38inmaine


    M715 under restoration, thread started but have not updated for a while.
  15. m38inmaine


    Today was the final chapter of the Urgent Restoration project, the Goat was loaded and is headed to Nebraska to a military vehicle museum. I would like to thank Mark for jump starting my venture with his build, and Andy and Tom and all the other people here on SS. It is going to a good home...
  16. m38inmaine

    Weare, NH Show 2019

    I looked but never saw any one with mutt panels, did you go ?
  17. m38inmaine

    32nd Annual MVMVC Weare Rally July 25th-27th 2019

    The show had a very large MV showing this year, when the convoy arrived I was not sure where they were going to find room to park. I missed the deuce repair, my son said he saw people working on it. Foot traffic was way down in the vendor area which was surprising given the amount of MV's.
  18. m38inmaine

    Tuning Help

    I have a parts distributor if you need one.
  19. m38inmaine

    32nd Annual MVMVC Weare Rally July 25th-27th 2019

    Quite a few vendors set up already including myself, vehicles as well, weather is great.
  20. m38inmaine

    32nd Annual MVMVC Weare Rally July 25th-27th 2019

    I have one center bow for a deuce, has top bow, both end arches and one down board Ill bring it to the show.
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