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  1. bikeman

    The New Blue Caboose. tl;dr article about new Navy armored cabooses.
  2. bikeman

    Pic request, front seats, CUCV II Tahoe

    Gang, Need an assist. I'm working on replacing my replacement driver's HMMWV seat with the correct seats... but I'm starting to think the passenger seat I have isn't correct either. I'm running a 1999 Tahoe CUCVII. So, help a brother out. Can you guys post picture(s) of your front seats?
  3. bikeman

    Fort Bragg Site Contact number

    All, Felix informed me of a better number to use for contacting to schedule pickups at the Fort Bragg GP site, which is not located on Ft. Bragg. Contact the Yard Supervisor, (910)223-9880. She is responsible for scheduling and detail pickups at Bragg. Felix is regional supervisor and is...
  4. bikeman

    Cucv ii 99k 559

    Gents, starting a thread for my CUCV II that i have acquired. I will need some assistance in some of the particulars, but overall seems to be a good win. 1999 Chevy Tahoe. Last assigned to the 139th SFS out of Missouri. Came with a ton of paperwork, maintenance records for the last few...
  5. bikeman

    Chevy Tahoe, Running, KS to NC

    66441 Junction City, Kansas, United States, Gov Planet Location to: Spring Lake, NC 28390. Do have access to loading ramps in Fayetteville if needed (will have to confirm ahead of time). Vehicle Runs with Jump. 1999 K1500 Chevy Tahoe, no special equipment that makes it larger than a...
  6. bikeman

    Pickup from Portsmouth VA / St. Julien's Creek?

    Anyone available to pickup a dirt bike from Portsmouth VA / St. Juliean's Creek (DoD either retired ID or base access visitor required). Right now pickups are Tu/Thurs Only. If someone could get it, it would make my life easier and not have to take time off work. If not, I'll just take the...
  7. bikeman

    PS Monthly - 782 - HMMWV Storage

    All, Came across this in the issue of PS Monthly (Jan 18, issue 782, pg 12-13), thought some might like it as a reference on where to put stuff in their HMMWV, per the manual. On the legacy version, here are where items are stored: Pamphlet assembly bag: under driver’s seat Jack and tools...
  8. bikeman

    Outdoor Trailer Protection/storage

    So, I've moved into my new place, and I have finally relocated almost my entire collection in one spot. However, it's now apparent that I need to do a little more protection for prevention of rust/damage. I have 2x M100s and a Pioneer that I am planning on putting tarps on. The M100s I plan...
  9. bikeman

    IL (M880) & TX (SUV) to Fayetteville, NC

    Here's the deal. Non-running but rolling M880 vicinity Crystal Lake, Illinois. Secure Storage lot, weekends and after ~4pm during the week. Running modern SUV in Killeen, Texas. Storage conditions unsure. Want/need a decent inspection on pickup of the M880. M880 will have extra parts with...
  10. bikeman

    Got some Freebies from GL Pickup at Bragg

    But not the good kind. Ended up with at least 2 bolts in my tires from a pickup last week for DanM. Thought that one of the tires was giving me problems because it's a bit worn and I had just added 1,000 lbs to the bed... (even though the tire was rated for it). Added air 3 times in the week...
  11. bikeman

    Jltv 01102017
  12. bikeman

    Change to Ft. Bragg Roads

    All, Please note for Fayetteville pickups, Fort Bragg, effective TODAY (15 SEPT 2016), has closed Bragg Blvd. from Butner Road to the golf course. If you are coming in from North (that is Hwy 87 or 210) you will be FORCED to go onto Hwy 210/Manchester Road, and then will have to get on Hwy...
  13. bikeman

    Fast Attack Vehicle quick article

    All, "War is Boring .com" published a quick, nice, factual article regarding the FAV/Chenworth buggy and has a couple good pictures with it. Thought I'd post it up to ensure no one missed it. (I probably did the first round because it was posted in 2014)...
  14. bikeman

    Light Recon Vehicle Cancelled. BLUF: ARmy has cancelled the LRV and is replacing Scout HMMWVs with the JLTV.
  15. bikeman

    NC - Spring Lake - Vietnam Memorial Dedication - 4 JUL 2016

    All, I'm hoping that I can find one or two vehicles available to be or be brought in for the 4th of July 2016, to Spring Lake, NC. The Town is looking at dedicating a memorial to the Vietnam veterans from the town. This isn't solid yet (waiting to find out from Town Manager who is talking to...
  16. bikeman

    Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. PICTURES

    Well, I posted some in the MV Spotted thread, but I figured I would do the full dump here. This was on base, but in the open.
  17. bikeman

    DOD changes ID requirement for base access (Enforcing RealID)

    Fort Bragg visitors from some states will no longer be allowed to use only their driver's license to enter the post.Officials have said the nation's largest military installation has begun enforcement of the REAL ID Act, a 10-year-old law meant to help lawmakers detect fake identification...
  18. bikeman

    My 1988 McGraw Pioneer Tool Trailer

    Hey guys, starting a thread for my Pioneer Tool Trailer I won from GovPlanet at the end of October. I'm going to try and consolidate my adventures with it on this thread. First question that's up right now... How to I label the titling for this? I have the SF87 request from GovPlanet, It's...
  19. bikeman

    Securing/Locking the Lunette

    Hey guys, I tried searching this morning but no joy on what exactly I'm looking for. (I'll admit, I'm a tad rushed for time). I want to secure the lunette of my Pioneer Tool Trailer to deter someone hooking up and running off with it. I'm storing it in my APT complex and will be transferring...
  20. bikeman

    Fayetteville, NC / Ft. Bragg Veteran's Day Parade, 7 November 2015

    The Fayetteville / Cumberland County / Ft. Bragg Veteran's Day Parade will be Saturday November 7th 2015, at 10 am. (Just after the train passes through town) The focus of this year's parade is "Honoring Women who have served out nation". If you would like to register, please contact Kirk...
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