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  1. Spyderman

    Hill Air Force Base M989A1

    I need some help. I purchased a an M989A1 trailer from govplanet. It is in Hill Air Force base UT. My shipper flaked on me. He was going to pick it up last month and he never did. Now I need to drive out there and get it. Can someone that is close pick it up for me and keep it a few days until I...
  2. Spyderman

    M989A1 in Utah

    I won an M989A1 today. But it's in Hill Air Force Base, Utah, United States. 84056. I am looking for someone to get it closer to KY, Cincinnati area. Anyone traveling out this way with some room for the trailer? I live in Alexandria KY 41001
  3. Spyderman

    Help in Northern KY

    Hey guys. I have a 923A1 that I need some help with. I am having trouble starting it. It sat for a few months this winter and now it wont start. If I use ether it will start but then die. Its not getting fuel to it. I work 7 days a week so I just dont have time to spend the day working on it...
  4. Spyderman

    Cargo Seat Belts

    Ok I have searched and search on here but haven't found it. I saw somewhere they had seat belts for the back of the 5 ton. I believe they attached to the tie down hooks under the troop seats. Anybody know where I can get some? If they indeed do make them. Thanks.
  5. Spyderman

    M939 Air tank help

    Hey guys I need some help. Looked through the TM and didn't see it. Probably over looked it. I need this sensor for my air tanks on the passenger side. I thought about just silicone it back in. But I would like to get a new one. But I don't know what it is called or where to get one. Thanks
  6. Spyderman

    New from Northern Kentucky

    Hello everyone. I am new but old, joined a long time ago but got my first MV last week.I got an M923A1. I bought it from a guy in New Jersey. I drove 12 hours straight through. Then drove 16 hours straight through to get it back. It ran perfect. I have put a 1000 miles on her in the first week...
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