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  1. DaninNM

    looking for an M3 37mm gun - M3 movie use

    I saw one for sale in central Florida few years ago - anyone know where that one is? Need one for a film project. Buying. Complete or incomplete OK.....I have parts. reward paid for info leading to a purchase. fyv-05 tew-69 2-oh-5-syx
  2. DaninNM

    NM FS- M37 Dodge power wagon 1952. Super straight, no rust, LU-4 Winch, hard top. Runs needs restoration $7800 NM

    price reduced to $7k...needs a home. The hardtop would work well today!!!! (in the cold snow!)
  3. DaninNM

    New Mexico members check in here!

    Need to find a place to shoot the M2HB (semi at long range) (safely - with a hugh backstop)??? ideas?
  4. DaninNM

    The real cost of armor?

    lots of time on the Internet to find increasing rare and often expensive spares. time readings manuals on routine maintenance and not so routine maintenance lots of time on the computer and networking with other owners soviet or eastern European armor - finding the big tools in the USA in...
  5. DaninNM

    NM FS- M37 Dodge power wagon 1952. Super straight, no rust, LU-4 Winch, hard top. Runs needs restoration $7800 NM

    FS – this is the straightest M37 unrestored Dodge truck you are likely to ever see not restored except for one driven straight off some depot lot decades ago…This truck lived most of its life in dry, salt free, New Mexico. I posted only a few pictures because I have dozens and do not want to...
  6. DaninNM

    Does anyone have a Master Parts list book in PDF for the WC-21?

    Love the mural and ceiling.....unfortunately I have a metal building shop with no flat walls and no ceiling...damn! Been trying for years to find an artist to do some nose art on the M18 and no luck. My WC-26 in front of the McDonald Ranch house where the first atomic bomb was assembled in...
  7. DaninNM

    UNKNOWN Motorcycle I.D.? and other questions? (Now ID'd at KLR250)

    VIN is JKAKLMD1 3RA071XXX but its all tan has the provision for the blackout lights rear and front and pouch under headlight in front....? Puzzled = 1. were is the gummint data plate if there is one? 2. did the USMC use the 250 or only the 650 and diesel? 3. what do I have?????? given to...
  8. DaninNM

    M37 Mystery Problem

    will try those 'fixes'...thanks for the help!
  9. DaninNM

    M37 Mystery Problem

    the coils are potted with a plastic compound that breaks down over the years and with heat....that shorts out portions of the coil which gives you weaker spark but still runs....eventually more potting compound breaks down and the coil goes can still get good VOM readings because...
  10. DaninNM

    CUCV '400' tranny will not shift out of 1st gear - what should I check first?

    checking that in the MORNING - will report back the result - many thanks all!!!!!!!
  11. DaninNM

    VIC-1 bailout cable question

    I want to use a pair of newish CVC helmets with the Bose ANC provision - was told that the bias or ANC circuit voltage can be provided in the VIC-1 system by finding an unused pin in the VIC-1 connection cord, jumpering voltage from the 1780 to that pin (through the 2296/7/or 8). Anyone try...
  12. DaninNM

    N Valley - Albuquerque

    Stop by the restoration fyv-05 tew-69 205-syx for address and info...there most days especially Sat & Sun. Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicles x2 CCKW '43 tipper M18 Hellcat M8 Greyhound M16A1 Half Track M3A1 scout Car WC26 carryall T17E1 staghound Ben Hur M151A1 M416 trailer X3 M37...
  13. DaninNM

    CUCV '400' tranny will not shift out of 1st gear - what should I check first?

    has a new box on the side, tranny is full of fluid - will test the vacuum lines on Friday! thanks all!
  14. DaninNM

    WTB: Combat vehicle Crewman's Helmet and Bose comm liner - need two in good to excellent condition

    Need two or three of these - all large; maybe one medium and rest large!!!! Anyone know of a dealer with quantity discounts for the Bose headsets with mics and the Kevlar 'tan' buckets? I know aobut onsies and twosies EPAY...was hoping to avoid giving them the business becasue they give all...
  15. DaninNM

    WTB three RT524 radios and one R442 radio, MX6707 bases and antenna sections too

    Where can I get three RT524 and one R442 radios for a wounded warrior project? Need to work. Cash and tax deduction available. Where are the vendors? fyv-5 tew-69 205-syx pick up can be arranged and transportation etc.
  16. DaninNM

    CUCV '400' tranny will not shift out of 1st gear - what should I check first?

    Does the shift modulator go bad? Where can I buy a new one - Autozone, NAPA, - is it a standard GM transmission part?
  17. DaninNM

    CUCV '400' tranny will not shift out of 1st gear - what should I check first?

    I have a CUCV with decent mileage but the transmission will not shift into 2nd or 3rd.....just says in 1st gear. ANYONE HAVE SUCH A PROBLEM? Looking for a fix or suggesitons OR a takeout CUCV transmission. price and location in first email pleasel
  18. DaninNM

    12v to 24v converter for VIC-1 in civilian vehicle

    Call me - let's discuss - I have your solution with a battery FET splitter and the MV alternator should produce enough to keep things running.....lets talk about cables too!!!! You know the number!
  19. DaninNM

    M1040 Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)

    These were used at the Nevada Test site by the DOE. Found DOE inventory stickers on the sides of the transmission shifters. Eye witneses said they were gate guards at the Sandia Base motor pool for more than 15 years and then showed up at auction. One had the original speedo showing 2200...
  20. DaninNM

    M1040 Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)

    OF COURSE!!!!!
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