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  1. Stonepicker1

    CUCV-II blown engine. I-95 N exit 68, loaded and headed home Now

    Can anyone help. I lost all the oil and engine through a rod. I need to store it until next week. Truck is pulling a empty 20 foot gooseneck trailer. i have to also get back to Jacksonville, Fl.
  2. Stonepicker1

    Possible road trip to Tennessee, Won M4KN 4K Forklift

    Sorry in advance if anyone here was bidding. I won a Case, M4KN, 4,000 lb Forklift on Gov deal auction today. Took it into overtime a few times, but finally was able to win in the end. Another bidder wanted it bad. Paid a little more than I wanted, but still happy with the price. Its located...
  3. Stonepicker1

    Road trip from South Florida to Maryland and back.

    looks like I will be making a trip to Maryland and back. I will be towing a Full, U-Haul, 6 x 12 enclosed trailer up and coming back with an empty trailer right now. Back of the truck will be full going up and I will be stopping at Ft. Bragg, SC to pick-up the camper shell. Dates right now...
  4. Stonepicker1 it still there ??? Portsmouth, VA

    Anyone know if the LSSV Dually is still sitting at Portsmouth, VA. It's been over a year now since I took the pictures. I was waiting for it to show up on an auction site. (maybe I missed it):sad:
  5. Stonepicker1

    TM 9-2330-210-14&P, Semitrailer, 6 ton, M118A1, M119, M119A1

    TM 9-2330-210-14&P, Operator's, Organizational, DS and GS Maintenance. For the Semitrailer, Stake: 6-Ton, 2-Wheel, M118A1, Semitrailer Van: Cargo, 6-Ton, 2-Wheel, M119 and M119A1.;)
  6. Stonepicker1

    CUCV-II (CUCV2) Dually

    Wife said I could ,so I did. I won the 2000 CUCV-II, Dually out in Johnston, Iowa. Has only 6,123 miles. Listed as won't start....should be an easy fix I hope. It went higher than I wanted to pay and I was ready to stop bidding, then the wife said it was ok to place another bid.;)
  7. Stonepicker1

    Gl pickup at Jacksonville, FL then on to Spring Hill, FL to load a car

    Looks like I will be heading to Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday to pickup an item I won last week. Need to make a stop at another members place and pickup a transmission jack. Then I will stop in SILVER SPRINGS, FLORIDA...(not Spring Hill, FL) to load up a used car I bought. Taking I-95 up...
  8. Stonepicker1

    South Florida to Portsmouth, VA and back. Turn and burn.

    Heading to Portsmouth, VA to pick-up the ISU-90. 960 miles one way. Left home at noon today. Should be in VA around 2:30 am. Called GL and have a Thursday 07:30 load out time. Then back on the road home. Military duty this weekend. So have to keep the hammer down.:driver:
  9. Stonepicker1

    Oklahoma City pickup needed, 6 small boxes.

    My EUC just cleared and I have 6 small boxes ( 16" x 12" x 12" ) each box weighs 18 lbs. Need a pickup and drop off to a fright company or ?.
  10. Stonepicker1

    Portsmouth,VA to GA Rally or south Florida. ISU-90

    I have an ISU-90 that is in Portsmouth, VA. Looking for anyone that could pick it up and bring to the GA Rally. Not looking for a free ride. The ISU-90 weighs 1,720 lb. Size: 105" x 84" x 92" Send me a pm if you can help. Thank you.
  11. Stonepicker1

    Updated trip, FL to MD then over to Ohio and MI, then back to south Florida

    I was planning on making the trip from FL to Ohio, but now I will be going to Maryland first to see my daughter. She is in the process of buying a new house and just put an offer of $420,000 for a home in Owings, MD. She want me to check it out for her. I will be in MD on Friday morning...
  12. Stonepicker1

    South FL to Ohio, maybe MI and back to FL

    I will be making a trip to Ohio on the 24th of AUG(Monday). Leaving south Florida with an empty trailer unless someone wants one of my MRAP light kits that I have for sale in the classifieds. Price for each kit is $1,250.00. Must be dropped off on the way up along I-75. I need the trailer to be...
  13. Stonepicker1

    Road trip to Eglin AFB sometime in the next 2 weeks:end of April to first week of May

    My son and I will be making a road trip to Eglin AFB, FL in the next two weeks. Depending on the appointment time it could just be me doing the pickup (son does gun shows on the weekend here in Florida) 1200 mile round trip. Picking up around 27 pallets of ammo cans. Trailer will be filled to...
  14. Stonepicker1

    Lockbourne, Ohio pickup needed, Got Abandonment Notice.

    I have two small pallets that need to be picked up. Got tied up in Military duty that pushed my trip north to the right another week. They are small items on the pallets. Abandonment notice states items need to be removed by Monday 4/13/2015. If anyone can grab and hold let me know. Planning...
  15. Stonepicker1

    Groveport, Ohio. Need 2 pallets picked up/moved south.

    Just asking if anyone might be able to do a pick-up and hold or maybe transport closer south. It's two pallets of 60 boxes (30 boxes each pallet). Each box is around 24" x 12" x 10". They are cargo nets. If not I will be planning a road trip soon. I'm glad fuel prices have dropped.:smile:
  16. Stonepicker1

    Lockbourne, Ohio. may need a pallet transported to GA rally or freight company

    I won a pallet of 200 small boxes today out of Lockbourne, Ohio. Total weight around 650 lbs(per GL) 10 day clock should start on the 3rd. Looking for possible pickup and drop off to a freight company or someone able to get the pallet to the GA rally. Not looking for a free ride. Thank you...
  17. Stonepicker1

    Bay Village, Ohio pickup and transport to GA Rally. Dually rear fenders.

    I just bought Two, New NOS, Chevy dually rear fenders off E-ay. They are located in Bay Village, Ohio. It's just east of Cleveland. The seller doesn't want to ship. If they could be transported to the GA Rally that would be a plus. Any one able to help?
  18. Stonepicker1

    South Florida to Louisiana to recover CUCV-II at Jeepsinker's place.

    Planning a road trip to "Jeepsinker's" AO around 15th of July. I will be leaving South Florida on the 14th to recover my CUCV-II. Going up the turnpike to I-75N then I-10W. Jeepsinker had helped me by transporting it from TX to his place. Thank you very much.[thumbzup] More to follow...
  19. Stonepicker1

    Looking to move my CUCV-II, 2 door, long bed from San Antonio, TX to Florida.

    I have a CUCV-II sitting in San Antonio, TX that needs to make its way to south Florida. Truck needs to be trailered. I can't get off of Military duty now until late June or July. So me making the trip out to TX and back won't happen anytime soon. :-( If anyone can move it this way let me know.
  20. Stonepicker1

    Road trip from south Florida to Lockbourne, Ohio . 42 MRAP Seats

    Well, I didn't have any taker's on buying the 42 MRAP seats in Lockbourne, Ohio. So I will delete the add in the classifieds. So the trip begins..:( I will leave in the morning(Tuesday) with an empty trailer. Heading up I-75. Its a 2,295 mile round trip(35 hours non-stop), at 11 MPG it works...
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