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  1. Eliteweapons

    Anyone Grid tied their generator?

    I searched but couldn't find this topic covered here. I am thinking about a project, but it seems to keep going way off course with the connectivity options. I wanted to grid tie the genset to put power back to the grid offsetting my usage. I know most gensets are not pure sine wave so it would...
  2. Eliteweapons

    Aberdeen Event

    Anyone else going to the Aberdeen event? I am probably going to go up Saturday.
  3. Eliteweapons

    Quote for a 24 volt solargizer

    Looking for a price for a 24 volt solargizer for my M35A3. Thanks
  4. Eliteweapons

    Hood latch failure.

    Had a hood latch failure on the Deuce today. A big wind gust hit going across the bridge and ripped the hood up over the roof. Can't see anything with that big thing up there. Now the search begins for a new hood. The fun part was there wasn't a shoulder there and trucks were rolling by me at...
  5. Eliteweapons

    M35A3 Anyone added a filter before the pump?

    I am thinking about adding a prefilter to the fuel system on my A3. The only filter in the system is after the pump but before the injectors. I am considering adding a filter before the pump to keep crud out of the pump and to help keep cleanup the fuel that is recirculated to the tank. Has...
  6. Eliteweapons

    Turnbutton studs for the winter front kit.

    I can't seem to find a source for the turnbuttons that hold the arctic cover on the grill. I bought a cover and its unfortunately for an A2, but it will work. I need to get the turnbuttons to mount the cover on the front of the truck. Anyone know of a good source for these? Thanks
  7. Eliteweapons

    Prep for Winter operation.

    This will be my first winter with my Deuce and I wanted to get some tips on winter operation and supplies. What should I look for or do to prepare the Deuce for winter operation besides the TM info? Any little nuances I should be aware of? Any specific things I may want to carry extra with me or...
  8. Eliteweapons

    Hard top installation instructions

    We are trying to install the hard top on my truck but the instructions are mostly destroyed. Already removed that plate on the cab cleaned it up and painted that. Also repaired some rust on the windshield frame and painted that too. Most of it is common sense and we have it almost complete but...
  9. Eliteweapons

    cat 3116 cylinder 1 "misfiring"

    I have been having really rough idle issues in my A3 and a little loss of power so I took my truck in to get a checkup last week and check the adjustment of the top end. I have never worked on a diesel engine and don't have the tools for the top end adjustment so that's why I took it to a shop...
  10. Eliteweapons

    Northeast Section

    I guess nothing goes on in Maryland.
  11. Eliteweapons

    Soon to be a First time owner of an M35A3

    I just wanted to say I am buying an M35A3 next week and will be making a long trip back home to Maryland. I will be a first time owner of an M35 so any advice that you could give me to take on the trip would be appreciated. Thanks Yes I am reading the operations manual for it already.
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