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  1. M35A2-AZ

    AZ Wrecker Flood lights NOS

  2. M35A2-AZ

    Super Single Wheels

    This is the p/n for the M929 wheels 12363603 2530013030801
  3. M35A2-AZ

    AZ Wrecker Flood lights NOS

    Wrecker flood lights NOS for M816 and M936. Other uses also. $75ea Plus shipping. PM if you are interested, PayPal ok.
  4. M35A2-AZ

    Charging the batteries......

    I would charge them one at a time (12v)
  5. M35A2-AZ

    can't restart after changing fuel filters on my M923A2

    Did you open the blead screw on the back of the pump to let the air out? It is a 10mm bolt on the back of the pump.
  6. M35A2-AZ

    Hi from Arizona

    Welcome to AZ
  7. M35A2-AZ

    Battery Size needed for Frankencab M923

    I use group 27's but if you want to use AGM batteries the Group 65's worked well.
  8. M35A2-AZ

    Oil drain valve

    I did a test on that and on the NHC250 and you only get out about 4 oz more with the standard plug.
  9. M35A2-AZ

    Oil drain valve

    I use them on all my trucks and they work great. I like that you can add a hose and go right into a 5gal. bucket. There is a little plastic clip you can get form them that will keep it from being opened.
  10. M35A2-AZ

    M37 Hesitation

    Bill, I have been using Ethanal free fuel in my MV's and other small motors, stores a lot better. I have to go up to Prescott, AZ about 100 miles away to get it but it is worth it. We go see my bother in law in Prescott so I just take my cans.
  11. M35A2-AZ

    My "Motor Home"

    Looks like a nice setup.
  12. M35A2-AZ

    Fuel filter prime

    Also on the back side of the injection pump there is a 10mm bolt that is the bleed port to let the air out as you pump on the primer pump.
  13. M35A2-AZ

    Air lines

    Need to use DOT approved airlines, Parker has them or many other places.
  14. M35A2-AZ

    11x20 tires on Deuce?

    Yes they do.
  15. M35A2-AZ

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month January 2021 VOTE HERE

    I am not able to see the pics at the top.
  16. M35A2-AZ

    Wiring harness

    If you have an old Harness just lay it our on some plywood and mark all the ends on the plywood. Get new plugs and jump into it. It takes a little time and way more thinking, LOL
  17. M35A2-AZ

    Artisan's M916

    That looks like new. Great job!!
  18. M35A2-AZ

    Problem With My Battery Cut Off Switch

    Ok, Sorry, You may want to put a battery cutoff on it anyway.
  19. M35A2-AZ

    Problem With My Battery Cut Off Switch

    Is the cutoff switch on the neg. cable? Also the shave port shorts to the cab sometime and will give you some odd things. Put the shave port cables on the battery side of the switch and that will fit that problem.
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