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  1. Terra1936

    Ambulance Colors for Cross and Background?

    Is there a federal standard color for the white background and red cross on an ambulance? Have a M725 that needs some TLC.
  2. Terra1936

    M151 vs M151A1

    I have looked through six pages of post. What is the difference between an m151 and the m151A1?
  3. Terra1936

    MERDC Camo Colors

    Anyone know if the MERDC Colors ars FS? Do you know what they are? There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many paint threads, my head is spinning! I think like this?? Or? Or And if you know of any self installing paint.........
  4. Terra1936

    White 160 AX Engine Weight

    Any idea of the weight of a White 160 AX Engine? Or the entire drivetrain in a Halftrack?
  5. Terra1936

    Another Casual Military Vehicle Show May 16, 2020

    We are going to do it again! Watch for details! Sorry Santa will still be at the North Pole!
  6. Terra1936

    FMC M548 Registry?

    Anyone seen or experienced a M548 Registry? Anyone have a M548? If so what state or? Thanks!
  7. Terra1936

    Is an M548 Really Amphibious?

    I cannot find a single photo of a M548 swimming? The operators manual says to keep it away from water? Every site describes it as amphibious? Anyone with real experience or photos? Thanks!
  8. Terra1936

    Another Casual Military Show in El Cajon California! August 24, 2019

    Our First Get together was AWESOME! On August 24, 2019 we will do it again! If you want to come out and see some great vehicles or show one of your military vehicles, please let us know! Show is from 10 am to 3pm and those that display will get lunch and a t shirt! To those that came out last...
  9. Terra1936

    Tech Pub or Operators Manual for M667 M668 or M752 Lance Missile Carrier

    Looking for any Tech or Operators Manual for a M667 Family M668 or M752 Lance Missile Carrier. I do not need the missile info. Looking for the carrier information. Thanks!
  10. Terra1936

    Square Drive to Remove Hub Inspection Plug

    I have been searching for a hub plug removal tool that I measure at 3/4 square to remove to bleed brakes on goat? Any leads or am I missing something? I cannot find tool description in tech manual? Thanks !
  11. Terra1936

    Gama Goat Swimming or Skinny Dipping

    I am curious what is needed to swim a goat? I have read that the winch and other accessories may not let it swim? I also saw somewhere that a surf kit need to be installed for non still water, like beach landing? Anyone with real experience? There are a couple of videos on you tube but no...
  12. Terra1936

    lmtv glad hand

    can you operate a air chuck or air tool from the fmtv glad hand? if so how? m35 and m900 have valve handle? thanks!
  13. Terra1936

    Casual Military Vehicle Show El Cajon, California

    This is a first for us! Trying to get 20 or so military vehicles together for display and show on Saturday April 27, 2019 in El Cajon, CA 92019 We will be inviting the public from 10 am to 3 pm to check out your vehicles! We will be providing T Shirts and Lunch! We would like the vehicles to...
  14. Terra1936

    M35A3 Transmission Temp

    Just joined the M35A3 Club. Today was my first run and I let the truck idle for two hours an noticed the transmission temp gauge creeped to 225 (at idle) and when i took it for a short spin it climbed to 275. I checked the fill and was at the top mark on dipstick. Bad Gauge or am I missing...
  15. Terra1936

    Hydroboost Question

    Can you add a hydroboost to a 404 unimog? Is there another brake assist option?
  16. Terra1936

    VDO Meter Attached to Steering on 404 Unimog?

    What does this gauge or meter do? Has a left center and right dot? Thanks!
  17. Terra1936

    Year of Manufacture for HMMWV

    I have a I believe 1987 Humvee and the data plate was removed when someone replaced the side of the body. How can I verify that it really is a 1987? I see parking brakes in older and newer style sooooo. What is old and new humvee and how can I tell? If there is another thread on this I could not...
  18. Terra1936

    Helmet Top Fit Over C Pillar?

    Will a helmet top fit over a c pillar and side rails? Remove soft top? Thanks!
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