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  1. EdMontana

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    Go figure GP out, I have had over 20 approved EUC's in the past and this one with GP took over 3 months.......:roll: Guess your paperwork missed the file cabinet or trash basket
  2. EdMontana

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    Well I was told that the EUC was approved after almost 15 weeks. Now, one battle is over but the war still continue with the wait for the Bill of Sale and SF-97 (fees paid 15 weeks ago). Sent an email to GP asking how long time is taking...and I got this (unsigned) reply.... """Iron Planet...
  3. EdMontana

    Error Message on EUC HELP topic

    try to access there and got this: PHP Warning: mysqli_query(): (23000/1062): Duplicate entry '26277569' for key 'readid' in ..../includes/class_core.php on line 1386 Database error The Steel Soldiers::Military Vehicles Supersite database has encountered a problem. Please try the...
  4. EdMontana

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    Well, passed the 3 months now....lets see what will happen, I am not happy at all with the way GP is handling this, no checking on status, no communication, no one knows anything, very frustrating. If they were better prepared this delay would not be at the buyers expense in waiting time...
  5. EdMontana

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    I understand what you are saying and thank you for replying, but I think this whole buying process should be renewed by GP to avoid a bad reputation that is already growing in the www. I for once purchased and PAID for something to be delivered in "up to 3 months", this information was provided...
  6. EdMontana

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    Anyone got EUC back lately for USMC HMMWV's? how long time ?
  7. EdMontana

    Quote for transport HMMWV M1045A2 from Albany,GA to Cleveland,TN

    Cleveland is about 25 miles north of Chattanooga....Site says about 250 miles from Albany, don't know if accurate It is a non runner, will need a winch. thanks, Ed
  8. EdMontana

    Who is handling the general surplus now that GL is out?

    I don't know if this thread will be busy in the future..... the non rolling stock they supposed start selling back in April just started, right now only 174 items (one is an used "trash can" :sad:) with RETAIL start price their cut and huge freight charges from the other corner...
  9. EdMontana

    NEED HELP with LMTV M1078, Right Rear wheel stuck after parking brake applied

    Thanks for the tip Suprman - I had a little time to mess with it today, both pads are stuck. There is a notch in the middle of the pad that shows just a small portion of metal in a recession of the liner, and two small notches at end but in the liner itself. Tapping at ends would be the ideal...
  10. EdMontana

    NEED HELP with LMTV M1078, Right Rear wheel stuck after parking brake applied

    I was able to drag it about 100'., but again , soft terrain...I just made a big and long trail. I also did hammered the outer ring from the inside of the wheel...nothing! What is next? spray some rust solvent agent? apply heat? aua That's not good, I park on a pretty level place, will not...
  11. EdMontana

    NEED HELP with LMTV M1078, Right Rear wheel stuck after parking brake applied

    Hey guys, I searched the subject and come up with nothing, truck was seating for couple months, usually when rear brakes stuck I rock truck back and forward and they will disengage, with a bang...this time, the right rear wheel is locked solid and worst...truck is seating on top of soft dirty...
  12. EdMontana

    Govplanet HMMWV Auctions ?

    YOU NAILED.....they auctioned HMMWV's without doors, than sell the doors at the parts section....I never liked their system, no one have a clue about the bids either
  13. EdMontana

    FMTV Air Hydraulic Unit Repair

    auaauaaua Yeah, problem 5 did not existed when I ordered the parts For those that will do this pump work, save yourself time and just order the bellow parts at once. P/N 14121 - U CUP (one) P/N 17429 - WASHER BACKUP (two) they are the big O rings P/N 202613...
  14. EdMontana

    FMTV Air Hydraulic Unit Repair

    Finally started work on my pump, just found a rubber washer at end of a plunger broken as well....I wish I knew that washer there, would have ordered with the seal
  15. EdMontana

    FMTV Air Hydraulic Unit Repair

    Finally will have some time to replace my power unit seal, any special hydraulic fluid to be used on this pump?
  16. EdMontana

    Random items found in HMMWV

    I found a U.S. Government CIA license plate under the seat.......and a fording kit and two X doors :)
  17. EdMontana

    GL - OKC SITE pick up problems?

    Anyone have any idea of what is going on? the appointment time frame is getting is 11/13 and the only dates open for pick up between now and 2016 are 12/01,02 and 03...all other dates are not available. Not enough people working there or just too much volume?
  18. EdMontana

    Are GL EUCs slowing down too?

    Same here, for years I had ten days turn around, going to 3 weeks now.
  19. EdMontana

    Anyone knows where this part goes?

    Just a 1/4" in diameter...forgot to mention that, thanks.
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