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  1. SturmTyger380

    Joined the Mule Train

    Hi Guys, Almost 4 months ago I ran across a guy that was wanting to sell a mule. I had him send me some photos and I told him I was interested. He mentioned a price but also said he wanted to have his aircraft mechanic look at a few issues it had before he sold it. They got the old...
  2. SturmTyger380

    Getting Bear’s Trucks Going

    Of the two trucks I got from Papabear one was a runner and is put up for now. The other had been a runner at one time although PB said it would downshift on its own for no reason. I am thinking junk is in the hydraulics of the transmission. So I wanted to focus on getting it moving so I could...
  3. SturmTyger380

    Carburetor and Ethanol

    Okay I have been searching and can't find it. Awhile back I saw a post where someone found a new made power plunger for the Holley carbs that was resistant to Ethanol. The picture of it showed that the seal that normally is leather was a purple color. I might have been a part that also...
  4. SturmTyger380

    PS – The Preventive Maintenance Monthly for the G749

    I could not resist going through all the PS -Magazines on the Radio Nerds site and pulling all the G749 pages. Enjoy! Warning this thing is 25mb and 198 pages!
  5. SturmTyger380

    M211 restoration site

    I found this M211 restoration site. Is this guy someone we know? He did a great job
  6. SturmTyger380

    G749 Parts to save in WA State

    Anyone up near Spokane that wants to save some parts. Go to the Spokane Craigs list site and search on: 1950's military army GMC 2 1/2 TON 6X6 BODY PARTS Some nice stuff there for the price.
  7. SturmTyger380

    M35 Fuel Pump

    I was parts picking the other day but not for the M35. The guy had a M35 fuel pump laying on a shelf among some other parts. I asked him if the pump was good. It looks almost new with some shelf wear on it. He said take it and try it and if it works then pay me. We are good friends so I...
  8. SturmTyger380

    SC M211 Update

    Since there has not been much G749 action on the site I decided to post pictures of the starter I redid over the last 3 weeks in the shop. The starter that came on the M211 would only smoke when I tried it. I figured it was history since the metal cover was missing on the back of the starter...
  9. SturmTyger380

    Molasses Tank Cleaning

    I have a 60 gallon fuel tank that I have let sit full for 24 hours with lye inside. I rinsed it out this morning and now it is very clean inside. Above where the fuel sat for years about 1/4 of the top part of the tank there is a band of rust. This tank has a series of baffles inside...
  10. SturmTyger380

    My M211 Battery Tray

    Since the weather is keeping me from working on my fuel tank I started on my battery tray project. The battery tray that mounts on the ledge in front of the cab was rusted through on the passenger side. The drivers side is not much better. I decided to try and make my own tray using the...
  11. SturmTyger380

    M37 Delivery Date

    My M37 before I got it had it's data plate taken that has the serial number and date of delivery. So I took the serial number from the frame and looked it up on the production dates list. It is a Feb 1953. Is there a way to estimate the delivery date for my truck? Serial number -...
  12. SturmTyger380

    My XM211 Fuel Tank

    This latest long weekend I decided to work on the XM211 a bit. So I started killing the rust on the passenger battery ledge. While my solution was doing its job I decided to drain the fuel tank. The previous owner said it was totally full of real gas. Yeah right. So I used a shaker siphon...
  13. SturmTyger380

    Parts M211

    I found an M211 about 1.5 hours from my place. Really rough, engine frozen, missing components for the engine. Lots of rust but could be worse. The owner is playing the scrap value card. I really don't have a way to haul it and would have to hire it done. Not sure how much that would be...
  14. SturmTyger380

    Help to move winch

    I made a deal on a Deuce winch and would like to see if anyone is heading my way that might could haul it. The aprox 500 lb winch is located between Gettysburg and York, Pennsylvania. The current owner has a front loader to move it around. The said winch needs to come south to the...
  15. SturmTyger380

    Trailer Axle ID

    I picked these axles up from a surplus dealer for a project I have in mind. He was not sure what kind of trailer they came from. Anyone know what trailer these came from?
  16. SturmTyger380

    New Shoes and Hub too Tight

    I am new to the M35 trucks and my son and I have been rebuilding his brakes. We have new shoes and have the rear axle done. With the new shoes the hubs fit really close and have to be lined up just right to go on. I am working on the drivers side first rear axle. I have the shoes on and...
  17. SturmTyger380

    M149 Water Trailer Frame

    I ran across a M149 water tank trailer that is in good shape. I have seen worse left over trailers than this one. The guy was going to scrap it out so took a chance and brought it home. It looks like at some time it was being towed and then some bone head backed it into a jackknife and kept...
  18. SturmTyger380

    M211's Alive!!

    I was hoping to get the M211 started before the holidays but things just did not work out. It took longer to get things done that I thought. I had to look into a bunch of stuff and I am glad I did. I started with changing the engine oil then the transmission oil. I pulled the carburetor...
  19. SturmTyger380

    New M211 Member

    Hi guys, I am not new to the MV world but never had anything as big as a Duce & ½. Well this one was on the way to the scrap yard but a friend that is in my club lives near where this truck was. He has asked the owner about it before but he was not willing to sell it. When he saw this...
  20. SturmTyger380

    M37 M Series Signal Stat 600 - Need Help

    A friend of mine bought a sealed NOS Signal Stat turn signal unit during the Huntsville MVPA convention. Now it is my job to install it and get it to work. This unit was in amazing shape due to it being sealed up. I have installed it according to the diagram. The problem to me seems...
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