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  1. IMP

    Diesel tank over fill

    We have one that the return fills one tank only, until it runs out even with the cap on. It looks like it is coming from the other tank ?? the lines look like they are in the right place any ideas ?
  2. IMP

    Emergency brake

    Looking for a new e brake cable it is about 4 feet long anyone know a part number or where to get one ? Alex
  3. IMP

    Steering tilt repair

    The Tilt steering is almost locked up traced it to the tilt part or the Bottom of the housing . Anyone know whet the replacement part is for the whole thing ? it look like something you would find in a hot rod shop.
  4. IMP

    Transmission leaking into air cleaner HMMWV

    I'm sure this has been covered before But I cannot remember the repair I think something to do with the fording valve Any help will be appreciated
  5. IMP

    Growler rim/wheel O-ring

    Any one know where to get 15 in o rings for the Growler ? IMP
  6. IMP

    Need axle boot for front for MTVR

    Anyone have a part number yet or where we can get one ?
  7. IMP

    M35A2 A2 Motor

    looking for shipping weight without the can ! need it to be somewhat official for shipping company Thank you Alex
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