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  1. EdMontana

    Error Message on EUC HELP topic

    try to access there and got this: PHP Warning: mysqli_query(): (23000/1062): Duplicate entry '26277569' for key 'readid' in ..../includes/class_core.php on line 1386 Database error The Steel Soldiers::Military Vehicles Supersite database has encountered a problem. Please try the...
  2. EdMontana

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    Anyone got EUC back lately for USMC HMMWV's? how long time ?
  3. EdMontana

    Quote for transport HMMWV M1045A2 from Albany,GA to Cleveland,TN

    Cleveland is about 25 miles north of Chattanooga....Site says about 250 miles from Albany, don't know if accurate It is a non runner, will need a winch. thanks, Ed
  4. EdMontana

    NEED HELP with LMTV M1078, Right Rear wheel stuck after parking brake applied

    Hey guys, I searched the subject and come up with nothing, truck was seating for couple months, usually when rear brakes stuck I rock truck back and forward and they will disengage, with a bang...this time, the right rear wheel is locked solid and worst...truck is seating on top of soft dirty...
  5. EdMontana

    GL - OKC SITE pick up problems?

    Anyone have any idea of what is going on? the appointment time frame is getting is 11/13 and the only dates open for pick up between now and 2016 are 12/01,02 and 03...all other dates are not available. Not enough people working there or just too much volume?
  6. EdMontana

    Anyone knows where this part goes?

    Straight Shaft, 9 3/4" long with one hole at end. From the NSN 3040-01-528-1597 I found out that it was made for the FAMILY OF MEDIUM AND LIGHT TACTICAL VEHICLES (FMTV) thanks
  7. EdMontana

    Ongoing SF-97 times?

    What is the ongoing waiting time for SF-97's?
  8. EdMontana

    HELP needed with M817 Dump Truck

    Today I had to move some gravel and fired up my M817.....I had not started it in ages (last summer?!), it fired up at very first try, I checked the bed before loading and it went up and down without problems. After dump the first load the lever stuck and I cannot lower the bed now.....I...
  9. EdMontana

    Dual Voltage Gen in Deuce

    Have anyone installed a Dual Voltage Generator/400 amps in a Deuce. A2 or A3?
  10. EdMontana

    Parachute Fails on HMMWV

  11. EdMontana

    Control Box...what is good for?

    Really, what a failure in design.........replaced when I purchased my HMMWV because last owner fried a new box (he failed to disconnect the batteries) and now even after I alerted the diesel shop and even printed a sign on yellow paper and placed in the windshield "disconnect batteries before...
  12. EdMontana

    Oklahoma GL Site underwater or no roof?

    GL SITE IN OKLAHOMA do they have a storage capacity problem??? Too many items with water damage, every time! aua Is like paying for the stuff plus someone to haul and ship , get the stuff here and have to dump....not cool. :rant:
  13. EdMontana

    Run Flat question

    Search come up empty handed..... Got a few HMMWV mounted wheels/tires here, how one can be sure that a run flat is mounted inside or not without disassemble anything:?:
  14. EdMontana

    NSN for HMMWV parts, where to find?

    Is there a TM with the NSN part #'s for HMMWV? Looking for the NSN for the standard windshield glass, RT and LH Thanks
  15. EdMontana

    New to the HMMWV world , just got one and have a few questions

    Hello Guys, I just purchased a 87 HMMWV from eBay, seller told me that the last time he had it working was year ago, he also states that it needs the control box in order to turn it on. I have searched this site about the control box, found one post with a site link to purchase it but link...
  16. EdMontana

    1962 Swiss Unimog (gasoline) Price?

    I friend mine want to trade his Unimog with my 92 Komatsu Dozer (worth $14K~$15K) that I am not using at all. His Unimog is a 1962 Swiss Military (gas) all original and working (need new tires), also he said that has many spare parts for it. It is titled in TN now but it still in FL (he's...
  17. EdMontana

    Arctic Personal Heater Kit 30K BTU

    Complete Kit, New in sealed box with much they sell for?
  18. EdMontana

    MEP 701A batteries

    Finally got my MEP 701 A today, 380 hrs, complete dry and no batteries, look real good, engine oil stick look like new and clean, the only thing wrong was that.... look like who drained it decided that breaking the drain valve was easier to just open it......not biggie, got it fixed in 5...
  19. EdMontana

    M35A3 or M44A3 Tech to apply

    Anyone with hands on and service experience on those trucks please send a direct PM, will pay for your expertise. Also looking for any TM's for M35A3/M44A3. Thanks
  20. EdMontana

    Spining Turbo

    I have one Deuce that after I stop the engine I can hear the turbo blades spin down for at least 3~4 seconds after, a dry spin noise, this is the only one with a whistler turbo........the other Deuces don't do that What gives? bad bearing? bad turbo assy? Thanks, Ed
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