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    M812 Deck Pulley

    Glad you got it sorted out. I have a friend in new boston and was going to see if he would drive over there to see what was available.
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    Tire options for m923

    Might check with @Russ Knight he might have michelin 14s.
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    M936 wrecker boom leaking down

    Most any hyd shop worth an ounce of salt can take the measurements of the piston and get you the correct packings. Plus there are books out there for hydraulics that you can look you sizes up and it tells you the o ring and retainers required for said measurements
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    Cab install, no crane/lift

    Like another mentioned, plywood or c-channel to act as a track for a gantry, or just plywood for an eng hoist. I had to yank 6.9 diesel out of my old 87 ford, so i dug two holes, just wide enough to get the front fenders through, set 2 6” x 3/16” wall x 15’ long pipes in the ground, notched...
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    Engine shutoff cable question Cummins 8.3

    Is your truck running in that pic?
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    Engine shutoff cable question Cummins 8.3

    Loosen the screw and move the wire stop closer to the fuel lever. Mine was like yours and when i pulled my shut off, the wire would come out into the can and dangle. I nipped the end off the wire and put a new stop on, and found a happy medium so at normal operation, the stop was about 1/8” from...
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    So who has bumped the power on a 6CTA cummins

    So, could a person do as with the 5.9s and route the return back to the line in side of the of the pump. Then fuel pressure is maintained on the line in and return side of the pump.
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    Axle replacement boot M932a2 ?

    Now that i am fix to tear down my axle ends. Is there 1 place any better than another to get the hub seals and 2 air/oil seals and 2 dust seals/boots? I will be plugging off the CTIS line going into the axle, and doing away with the CTIS tubing in the hub. Anyone know the cap/plug size for the...
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    Axle replacement boot M932a2 ?

    i wouldn't think that needed to be said, its as a common as water is wet, i thought. ;)
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    Axle replacement boot M932a2 ?

    I know this is a slightly older thread. But I need to do some maint on my 936A2 and the boots/dust seals are 1 of those items. My A2 does have zipper less dust seals, and i could not find anything on the replacement of the seals either in TM 9-2320-272-24-3 where is it explains maint of the...
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    Does 5 ton lower door bracket "plate" come out?

    X2 on installing bolts to tighten it up to get the other 2 out and using welding heat to help break them free. Even using a propane torch to warm them up, then spraying them with PB Blaster, or Knock'er loose spray several times, then weld on the washer and nut, then spray again. When you weld...
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    5 ton and 10 ton dump bed covers interchangeable?

    But then there would be some that shipping back and forth could get costly. Find a local shop and a local billboard company could allow for multiple test fits if need be.
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    What wheels are these?

    Search for my post about lmtv tires and iv got a pics. The taper he is referring to is the chamfer that matches the taper of the nut. There should be a chamfer on both sides of the rim at the stud holes.
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    5 ton and 10 ton dump bed covers interchangeable?

    Well i’ll be damned. I thought stuart stevenson had the lm/fmtv contract. @SandBar Might look at those billboard companies and see if you can buy the old vinyl billboard material and have a tarp made specifically for your dump. Iv seen tractor and vehicle covers made out of the old vinyl...
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    5 ton and 10 ton dump bed covers interchangeable?

    I think that is a typo on the website. FMTVs were 5 tons, with the HEMET/PLS being the 10 tons. I may be wrong, since iv been out of the mil for 11 yrs, but im 99% sure im not.
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    Anyone regret adding or removing muffler after a turbo?

    I just replaced my muffler with a straight pipe on my 936A2 and only at idle, can i tell a difference. When throttled, i only hear the engine, even when im operating the crane, which is closer to the stack than on the 809 series.
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    M939 series diffs

    Correct, i figured that much. The solenoid is engraved, 1, 2 and 3. As previously stated, ports 2 and 3 are, with no elec applied, out of the box, are ported/linked together. I blew in port 1, had no air flow, i took another breath, blew into port 2, and heard air out of port 3. I blew once more...
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    M939 series diffs

    @simp5782 You got a wiring a d plumbing schematic for the above mention temp switch and air solenoid? The solenoid has 3 ports, line in, line out but cont figure the 3rd port. Ports 2 a d 3 are open together. Is port 1 line in, when 24v applied, port 2 becomes line out, closing off port 3...
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