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  1. T815-8x8


    Ii have question regarding a Vickers V20F hydraulic pump / DD 8V92 HMETT, can anyone tell me was this pump purely for Power Steering ? As it seems very large for just that purpose I'm re-powering my Tatra with a HMETT power train just wondering if that pump had extra capacity to run other hyd'...
  2. T815-8x8


    I wanted to share my DD 8V92ta upgrades. I imported a Tatra T815 TP24 6x6 from CZ had to remove the OE air cooled V12 engine to get it in the US. I purchased via GovLiq HMETT 8V92 & Allison HT740D The engine had a few missing parts so I had to remove heads, but now it's fairly close to test...
  3. T815-8x8

    Dual Winch & Winching

    I looking at dual Garwood winch assembly, seller lists it as Twin Tulsa winches with Garwood gearbox My Question On twin winch setups can both winches be operated at same time, my thoughts where that you could transfer drive from both to either side to square the load while loading is this...
  4. T815-8x8

    Engine p/u from Warner Robbins GA

    I need to have boxed 8v92 Detroit Diesel picking up from from Warner Robbins GA, I can come down in a couple weeks but need it collect from the depot. can anyone help ?
  5. T815-8x8

    T815 TP24 6x6 Adventure / TrialTruck Build Project

    Started this odyssey around 2+ years ago, went to Czech Republic Aug 2011 initially so see a 8x8 cab chassis T815 former cement truck, but there too many warning signs, missing servo on the Tcase for hi / lo, no speedo cable etc, but as it happened over in the corner was a TP24 6x6 these are...
  6. T815-8x8

    Disappeared Auction listings ?

    I was watching & bidding on various driveline & axle components tools etc, auctions at several different locations some closed today 6/13 others couple days later, this morning all info now gone from my watch list & current bids, even the event / lot info when searched comes up as invalid ?? I...
  7. T815-8x8

    Oklahoma City Load Out

    Anybody able to do a load out / temporary storage Oklahoma City, couple Allison auto trans
  8. T815-8x8

    Tatra Specifications

    Thought I'd share some info that is not commonly known:- Winch In the US winches are rated by lbs/weight they will pull on 1st layer of cable, Tatra uses force which is not 100% interchange because it's mass/accel ie kg mass x m per second, so you would have to test US winch via EU std, also I...
  9. T815-8x8

    P50 trailer / Tatra

    Anybody no what the steel tubes are for which are stored / mounted on the sides of a P50 trailer. Do dome searching seems they were manufactured in Churdim CZ anybody no the manufacturers name and if they still in business ? I'm looking at a couple dif' P50's for sale to go behind my TP6...
  10. T815-8x8

    USA Tatra parts" what do you need"

    I am bringing in container to East coast USA, I'm @ ATH Praha now. Expect to ship Dec' I have room for parts if any one else needs something. Please PM me for details, don't what to infringe on forum rules
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