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  1. nk14zp

    Maine rally 2015

    Sure be nice to have another rally.
  2. nk14zp

    M923A2 - Loss of Power While Driving

    The foil top off a bottle of dry gas caused all kinds of head scratching with a school bus around here.
  3. nk14zp

    Changing out a tire.

    Make sure to take the lugs off not the brake drum bolts.
  4. nk14zp

    R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

    I too met Ron on that trip. Condolences sent. See you on the other side buddy.
  5. nk14zp

    Blown Head Gasket?

    Only two styles of multifuels. Ones that need head gaskets and ones that have new head gaskets.
  6. nk14zp

    crushable copper washers for M101a2 master brake cly

    If you still have the old ones you can anneal them.
  7. nk14zp

    Request M35A2 Retrieval info

    Also before you crank it take the mushroom off the air filter ,plug all the holes in the filter housing other than the one the mushroom mounts to and have someone standing beside the filter opening with a clip board or other suitable object to cover the air inlet in case you have a runaway.
  8. nk14zp

    Removing, rebuilding, reinstalling Hydraulic Head

    Didn't read the whole thread but on mine the dimple was facing down. P.S. Thanks again gimp for the parts.
  9. nk14zp

    Newbie from the Caribbean

    Welcome aboard.
  10. nk14zp

    A deuce tent

    Not to hijack your thread but what can I use to insulate my cargo cover? I'm wondering if refletex between the cover and bows will work.
  11. nk14zp

    Chat Problem

    Anyone want to try this one out?
  12. nk14zp

    Chat Problem

    I sure miss chatting with all you guys that were in the old chat.
  13. nk14zp

    Chat Problem

    Any idea on when it might return?
  14. nk14zp

    Can't get in the chat rooms

    So is the chat rooms gone forever?
  15. nk14zp

    Chat Problem

    Is chat gone?
  16. nk14zp

    How to turn up fuel on a M35A2?

    No blues here is it ok to use whites instead?
  17. nk14zp

    Add a turbo or get the 6cta 8.3l

    I would stick with an 855.
  18. nk14zp

    1957 Utica Bend Restoration

    How can you sleep at night? You stole that truck. Congrats.
  19. nk14zp

    Whites multifuel ldt 465 blowing oil out exhaust

    Drain the oil to the proper level(it will be high on the stick cold) and retest it. Oil in the crankcase wouldn't push harder on the rings than the compression stroke does.
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