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  1. ThatXJGuy

    G7117 Axle questions

    I have a G7117 that I want to keep looking original, but it will be repowered soon with a much more powerful engine and I am wondering about a bunch of things with the axles. 1. How strong are they as far as torque? On one hand these trucks were beasts and could pull anything it seems if you...
  2. ThatXJGuy

    Winch Testing

    I happen to be looking at some 20,000lb front 5 ton winches (I'm a potential buyer) and I think the price is right, but I want to know if there's a way I can test them by hand before I buy them to make sure they're not broken inside or something. (not looking for guarantees or anything) I'm...
  3. ThatXJGuy

    So I'm Thinking 10 Ton

    I went and test drove a M123A1C this weekend that is for sale. I have been thinking about buying a 10 ton for about a year, I have only ever run into two of them for sale, one a thousand miles from me for $9K and one closer for $16K with a trailer. The truck is awesome and honestly drives just...
  4. ThatXJGuy

    New member to my family!

    Look what I brought home yesterday! I actually found this truck way back in 2010 when I dated the owner's daughter (small world lol) but he said he wouldn't sell it and he was going to fix it up some day... Well a couple years later he had some hard financial times and lost his whole place...
  5. ThatXJGuy

    M-62 Anyone?

    I found an old M-62 in a salvage yard in southwestern Wyoming (Outside Kemmerer). I asked and he said he was asking 4,000 OBO but I think he just really threw the number out and would probably be pretty flexible. It has a very large Detroit engine that I don't know much about but the guy claims...
  6. ThatXJGuy

    My "NEW" M-62!

    I have just purchased a 1953 M-62 with the Mack engine, within the first half hour of touching it, I had the brakes bled, the fluids topped, and was cruising it around the guy's place where I bought it. Everything seems to be in really great shape especially considering I got it for well under...
  7. ThatXJGuy

    My electrical situation...

    So I am in the process of getting my M-55 road ready for the first time in over 20 years, and am trying to get all the lights in running order. I have a few questions and would also love some opinions and input from what others have done. First off, i'll start with the questions: how many...
  8. ThatXJGuy

    Newbie Questions for a 1962 M55 Gasser

    So I just picked up my first MV about two weeks ago, so I'm learning quick and one thing I'm not learning is where to find much info on the older trucks specifically about the R6602 like I have and all the original 1962 stuff my truck has like the "triple fail" compressor that I have. I just...
  9. ThatXJGuy

    Two M-55s

    So I have found two M-55 (long 5 ton) trucks in a local junkyard. They appear to both have the Continental gasser motor, and 5 speed transmissions and air brakes and everything that they should have. one is really pretty complete and has the metal roof and a winch and everything (only 3/6...
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