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  1. Cgray

    Bozeman Montana request (PAID)

    A guy needing a truck for filming in Bozeman Montana. Pays $500 for the day Yeah, its one day. We are shooting in Bozeman, MT area. I can be reached at 323-393-5011. Thank you.
  2. Cgray

    M1088A1 CAT C7 starter went out in Ann Arbor, MI - already towed to safety.

    Anyone have a starter for a C7 close to Ann Arbor Michigan? I am sitting on the side of the road and need to either find a starter or be towed from this location. Let me know as I have already disassembled the starter and found that it needs a new spindle and bearing on end.
  3. Cgray

    Austin to Milwaukee

    Anyone need anything loaded?
  4. Cgray

    55 MFE outboard from Chambersburg to Milwaukee

    Need this transported if anyone is making a trip.
  5. Cgray


    Pulling the travel trailer with the MTV anyone around the route?
  6. Cgray

    53” 16.00 R20 YZL on 2005 M1088

    53” 16.00 R20 XZL on 2005 M1088 I do not have high speed gears or lockers. Yes is is possible to do so without modifications. PROS: 1.) Max Speed increase from 58 to 73 2.) Better gas mileage if you limit your speed to 60 mph on long hauls. 3.) Looks badass CONS: 1.) Max speed...
  7. Cgray

    Back on the road, near Cumberland Maryland

    M1088 slowly died while going uphill and slowed to a stop and lost power. Possibly alternator dead dead but batteries are full and it will turn over but no start. Call LL if anyone can help with assistance even advice 262-510-8558
  8. Cgray

    Chambersburg PA to Wisconsin on March 13th

    Anyone need anything picked up or dropped that on the route. I am in Detroit now and leaving here Tuesday.
  9. Cgray

    2005 M1088a1 C7 check engine and deregulating at 40 mph

    Went through days of reading archives threads and tons of pages of current threads. I feel like I have done due diligence before asking any questions about the issue. Truck has run run great for last 10k miles at highway speeds and towing 5th wheel. Now after some -30* weather the truck is...
  10. Cgray

    M1088 Whole Foods Grocery getter

    They love us here. My buddy Pete (pictured here) asked for a ride to the store for some beer.
  11. Cgray

    Planning a 1,273 mile trip in M1088A1 towing a M1073 flatbed trailer MI to TEXAS

    Planning a trip soon and picking up a M1073 in Ohio. If anyone needs anything carried from Detroit Michigan down to or enroute to West Texas I am willing to carry it for FREE (no charge and no Commercial purpose) if you guys need. Would love to be able to help out anyone in need. Just FYI...
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