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  1. tie6044

    MN Rebuilt Injection Pump M35A2-$1200

    Rebuilt injection pump for M35A2 multifuel LDT-465. I got this a while back and never used it. Rebuilt by Ambec. I believe this is the "G" pump with no FDC to worry about leaking or bypass. $1200 shipped to any lower 48 states. Located in Blaine MN. Message, call or text Scott 763-234-0942
  2. tie6044

    MN Spin On Oil Filter Kits M35A2-$200

    I had another batch of spin on oil filter kits made so I have some available for sale. Fits any brand of multifuel motor in 2 1/2 tons or the LDS in the 5 tons. They come complete with filters, all you need is the oil. Easy to swap and saves wear and tear on your motor at each start up by...
  3. tie6044

    Too Many Deuces?

    I used to think there was no such thing as too many deuces but now I'm starting to wonder...This past weekend my son and a couple buddies fired up all the running deuces and took this pic (with my Humvee and 5 ton as bookends). And these are just the running ones 😳. I think I've become a hoarder!
  4. tie6044

    Posting to Classifieds trouble

    I have never had any problems posting to the classifieds until today, I type up my ad, added pics and when I submit new ad it goes to the screen where I can usually see my new ad but there is nothing there. It's not telling me I don't have privileges it's just blank. I checked my premium...
  5. tie6044

    Baffled by Brakes

    I have read a bunch of threads about the deuce brake system but my situation is rather odd. I have a deuce that had perfectly working brakes but the brake lights didn't work. I replaced the sensor that activates the brakes (it's the type that screws into the front of the air pack) and in doing...
  6. tie6044

    Are Runflats worth trying to save???

    I have some 395's that have runflats in them and was wondering if there is a market for them or should I just cut them to get them out? They need to come out because there is a lot of crud in the tire and it is too hard to clean with the runflat in it. Otherwise I am trying to come up with a...
  7. tie6044

    GL lot times extended?

    Did I miss something? I could have sworn that a lot of GL sales were ending today and now it shows tomorrow?
  8. tie6044

    Yet Another Use for a Wrecker

    Found another use for my M816. Too hot out today to do any work so I thought I'd let the kids have a little fun in the pond they swim in!
  9. tie6044

    Mack Motor Demand

    Is there much of a demand for Mack engines? I have done a lot of reading on the older 5 tons and from what I have learned they are a very desirable motor but there are not a lot out there. The reason I ask is I found an M54A1C that is in VERY rough condition outside from being used in the woods...
  10. tie6044

    Why list an item with no price?

    I frequently scan the classifieds for things I need (or want) but get really frustrated with so many things listed with no price. I can understand not putting a price on the front page if you are selling multiple items or parting out a vehicle and list the prices in the body of the ad but why...
  11. tie6044

    Assistance in Oklahoma City, OK

    I bought 2 small boxes of parts in Oklahoma City and need some help getting them shipped. I think they will fit in 2 large flat rate boxes (3 at the most) so if someone is familiar with those that would be great, or if you get a good rate at your work UPS is fine too. Here's what I was thinking...
  12. tie6044

    Air Line HELP

    I went out yesterday to try to solve the issue of zero air pressure in my wrecker and I may have found it. On top of the air pack there is a line that goes straight up into a 90 degree fitting and then points toward the passenger side, on that is a large (looks like 1/2") line that has a bend...
  13. tie6044

    Multifuel Oil Flow

    I found the oil flow chart in the TM but it still doesn't answer a question I have: When the oil flows through the oil filters does it go up through the center bolt then into the filters or is it the other way around?
  14. tie6044

    M816 from Madison, WI to Blaine, MN

    I need to see if anyone can haul an M816 wrecker from just north of Madison, WI to Blaine, MN. It's 280 miles door to door. I was going to drive it but I can't do it until next week and some of the highs next week are only in the single digits for temperature. I'd like to check it out good...
  15. tie6044

    This is how a 3/4 ton pulls an M146

    Here are a few pics of my recent recovery, probably not the pics everyone was thinking they would see...sorry no M146 hooked on the back of a pickup.
  16. tie6044

    Epic Tire Failure

    I run single Michelin 14.5 R20's on my deuce and I really like them, however, I had a little issue with one. I used my deuce to take my kids to their baseball game (probably an 8 mile drive one way, mostly 40-50 MPH), everything was fine when I got home, the next day I found this! Just glad I...
  17. tie6044

    GMC axle shaft balls?

    Does anyone know where I can find the set of 5 steel balls for the old GMC style 2.5 ton axle shafts? I can get just regular chrome steel balls but the center one looks like it has a hole in it with a pin that keeps it centered. I would take new or used if anyone has any or knows where I can...
  18. tie6044

    Soft top repair

    Has anyone sewed a soft top by themselves? I have a newer camo soft top that pulled apart from the plastic piece that slides above the windshields. I took it to a place that can stitch heavy material but they said their machine would probably crack the plastic. I almost think it is going to...
  19. tie6044

    Lug nut question??

    Does anyone know what the taper is on a stock lug nut for a deuce? And is it perfectly flat or does it have a bevel to it?
  20. tie6044

    The sickness continues

    This is a first for me, I now have deuces sitting in 3 different states that I bought! Hasn't anyone found the cure for this disease yet? :razz:
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