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  1. Russ Knight

    FL Globe Equipment Trailer

    Globe all terrain equipment trailer. Like new tires, ABS, LED lights, excellent condition, will need a few new deck boards. $6500.00 cash, firm.
  2. Russ Knight

    Thanks Wes!

    Once again, Wes comes through for me. From delivering my 5 ton from St. Louis Missouri to Perry Florida, dropping in out of the blue one day and turning my fuel up, selling me some very nice 16:00/20 tires at a great price, to taking the time to help trouble shoot several issues. Thank you...
  3. Russ Knight

    Pinion Seal Replacement

    When changing the pinion seals on a 5 ton, is it as simple as removing the flange, nut, and old seal, then re-assembling? Thank you, Russ
  4. Russ Knight

    Infrared Spots

    Would like to buy some infrared spots or floods.
  5. Russ Knight


    Have any of these been released yet?
  6. Russ Knight

    Losing Air Pressure

    I'm losing air when sitting with the service brakes applied. Leaking brake diaphragm somewhere?
  7. Russ Knight

    FLU / SEE

    What is the difference, if any between the two? Did they ever make one with a knuckleboom crane on the rear?
  8. Russ Knight

    Wiper Upgrade

    Anyone convert their wipers to j-hook?
  9. Russ Knight

    Fleetguard Filters

    Hello everyone. We are now a Fleetguard Distributor. As many of you know, Fleetguard is owned by Cummins and is the OEM filter for all Cummins engines. Shipping will be via UPS and billed at actual cost. Please email all quote requests to Thank you, Russ Knight
  10. Russ Knight

    Turning Up the Pump

    Wes the Legend stopped by my place Wednesday. While he was here he was kind enough to turn up the fuel on my M925A2. Man, what a difference it made! When shifting from 1st into 2nd, and 2nd to 3rd, the rpm's only drop about 100. The truck is noticeably stronger now. Plus, I have the added...
  11. Russ Knight

    Major issue after installing 16:00's

    As usual nothing is ever easy with me. After installing 16:00's on my M925A2, the driver side has 1/2" - 3/4" clearance between the tires. The other side initially had about 1/2". On the way home from the tire shop I started smelling burning rubber and pulled off the road. The passenger side...
  12. Russ Knight

    5 Ton Pinion Seals

    Can anyone provide a link to a video on this? Can the seals be replaced without disturbing pinion shims? Can't find relevant TM.
  13. Russ Knight

    5 Ton Air Filter Conversion

    Anyone have the part number for the air filter when using the wire frame filter carrier? Thanks!
  14. Russ Knight

    MTVR Cost

    Any guesses on what these vehicles will sell for?
  15. Russ Knight

    Smaller Steering Wheel

    Is it possible, perhaps feasible is a better term, to put a smaller diameter steering wheel on a 939 series 5 ton truck?
  16. Russ Knight

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Don’t have all the lights on it yet.More to come. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Russ Knight

    Knuckle Boom Crane

    Anybody install a crane on their 5 ton?
  18. Russ Knight

    Pinion Seal Replacement

    Which TM covers pinion seal replacement? Are the shims reusable? How is proper pinion depth determined? Thank you.
  19. Russ Knight

    Product Review - Locking Door Handles w/ matching Ignition Switch

    I purchased this kit for my M925A2 sometime back from Those Military Guys. One of the door handles required trimming for proper fitment. The ignition switch is a pretty flimsy setup, especially the key itself. The dash also requires drilling and the included step bit burned up before the hole...
  20. Russ Knight

    Stowing bows and bow stakes

    I searched the TM's and couldn't find my specific application. On my 5 ton the bow stakes are stowed behind the cab in slots in the cargo bed. The angle iron rests that the stakes sit on don't have end caps and the bows will slide sideways and fall down into the frame area after driving a while...
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