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  1. Towerguy1

    USAF GMC 5500 utiity truck info needed

    Found this old critter, but its not a typical GMC 5500. It has Deuce rims, air over hydraulic breaks, Rockwell axles. and many other interesting "upgrades?....." Couldn't find a data plate but it appears to be an auger/drill truck possibly for setting poles. The derek and drill have been...
  2. Towerguy1

    Maine rally 2015

    A few people have shown interest in another get together. I have traditionally had one on Father's day weekend in the past. Probably a different weekend will be better to allow time for planning and such. I am now in Dexter and will play host. I'm open for suggestions on a good weekend...
  3. Towerguy1

    Maine Rally 2013

    Its that time again..... Time to plan the 5th Maine rally. We used Maine Military last year with mixed results. Tried it do the usual overnight, only had one taker, then I was a bit under the weather and abandon ship. (Sorry Katahdin) still feel bad as he made the longest trip. Fine tuneing...
  4. Towerguy1

    Maine Rally 2012

    Im a little behind this year, had a few life changes, divorce, moveing etc. But...... Id still like to organize a rally again this year. It is traditionally held in the Bangor area on Fathers Day weekend. (June 16-17th) Last year was a but small and damp as I recall, But Past years have had...
  5. Towerguy1

    Maine Rally 2011

    Its time to get the ball rolling again for the 3rd Maine rally This year it will be on June 18th and 19th in keeping with the Fathers day weekend tradition. It will be held at 304 Eaton Rd. Exeter, Maine. Attendees are able to camp out on site. Come prepared for rustic type camping. We...
  6. Towerguy1

    Another Deuce Recovered

    Picked up a 71 USAF M35A2 WO/W from the Forest Service (GSA Auction) Seems to be in very good shape, Need to fix the brakes and paint it green! Towbared it home with my other Deuce, All went very smooth....
  7. Towerguy1

    Maine Rally 2010

    Looks like its time to get the ball rolling again for the 2010 rally. Last year was a little damp but fun anyway and was a good dry run to see what to improve this year. June 19th & 20th in keeping with last years Fathers Day weekend dates Hope to see you there
  8. Towerguy1

    Engine ID

    Is there a quick way to verify if it is a 6.2 or a 6.5? WMO tag or block casting #? Going to try to reserect a couple for a local SAR Group.
  9. Towerguy1

    Harmonic Balancer Differences

    I just removed the balancer from my M1028, and in the process of hunting down its replacement I have found several variants. Is one better than the other. Is the MV one different from the civilian? Some are solid in the outer ring and some like mine have holes drilled through them. Any good...
  10. Towerguy1

    Maine Rally 2009

    It's time to get the ball rolling for the Maine rally. I've tried a little late to get it moveing the last time, so with an early start we should have time to organize. The date is not set yet. other than after April. (mostly because of Posted roads and excessive mud) The location will be in the...
  11. Towerguy1

    Got Snow? My new toy!

    I just purchased a 1976 Bombardier Skidozer 262. It appears that they have seen service in Canada and by the USAF to move people and equipment through the snow. Not sure if this one has been used by the military but Ill do some more digging. Anyone happen to have pics of these in use...
  12. Towerguy1

    Fuel pump- Hydrolic head O ring help...

    Naturally as usual I've waited to the last minute for this..... I have fuel in the base, Ive bypassed the FDC, still leaks so... I ordered a rebuild kit for the pump and my plan is to replace the o rings in the hydrolic head. Can I get away with just lifting it off carefully, replace the rings...
  13. Towerguy1

    New Englanders going to Aberdeen?

    Just wondering who from the NE corner is traveling to the show. Possible carpool arrangements, and or the less glorious civilian car convoy...... Im comeing from Maine.
  14. Towerguy1

    Yet another FDC question!

    I will be bypassing my FDC for awhile while I collect parts and make time to repair it. As winter approaches it may be this way a few months. My question. I understand that when bypassed the fuel pump should be turned down. How much to much is it. I don't trive the truck hard, but could use a...
  15. Towerguy1

    6.2L crankshaft needed

    As the weather gets warmer Its time to start gathering parts for my projects. I need a crankshaft for my M1028. It appears that they are a rare artifact, well except for the 24k gold plated ones. Im willing to pay shipping and a reasonable price for a good used one. Check for cracks arround the...
  16. Towerguy1

    Differences between military and civilian 6.2L engines

    I need to replace the crank in my M1028A1 with the 6.2L engine. I wouldnt mind haveing a list if differences between military and civilian engines for referance in general. I know of a couple of civilian donor engines I can get parts from but obviously some of it wont be compatible. Any input...
  17. Towerguy1

    M35A2 on top of Sugarloaf USA!

    As part of my job I sometimes get to go to some interesting places with my deuce! Here we are on top of Sugarloaf USA ski resort in Maine. I had to retreive a Broadcast transmitter for WTOS. A local radio station and bring it down for repairs. Sorry I didnt get pics of the climb itself...... had...
  18. Towerguy1

    M1028A1 With M887 Contract Maint. Body

    I went to the Maine Surplus auction and found this...... naturally it followed me home! The grey and orange paint is from the DOT. :roll: It really needs to be green!! :wink:
  19. Towerguy1

    Looking for USAF truck pics

    Looking for pics of older USAF trucks with the Strata Blue paint scheme. Mostly interested in the M35's but other older trucks are fine. Once my current one is finished Im thinking about restoring an Air Force M35 If I can get one. Dont need pics of "current issue" vehicles.
  20. Towerguy1

    S-280 comm. shelter value?

    any one know what an S-280 shelter is worth? Im looking at one but would like to know what they generaly go for.....
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