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  1. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M129A2 trailer moved off Ft Bliss

    I am having an issue trying to get a permit and registration on my tractor. Does anyone have a truck tractor in the El Paso area that could pick up an M129A2 van semi trailer and pull it to a storage yard off base? Thanks!
  2. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M923 axle movement dog bones or?

    Have tried searching the info out but, no luck. Have an M923 that the intermediate axle has enough movement that the inner tire (left or drivers side) touches the spring pack when turning to the left. The dog bone bushings look no worse or no better than on several trucks sitting next to it. I...
  3. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Oklahoma City to Albuquerque, need Cat 7155 transmission transported

    Hello, anyone going from Oklahoma city to Albuquerque (or anywhere in New Mexico) that can pick up and bring a Cat 7155 transmission from GL? According to GL info its just shy of 1500lbs in the crate. Ill have to go back and get the crate dimensions. I have already cleared the EUC so its ready...
  4. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Anyone in Kansas have a truck tractor that might be able to help move 2 semi trailers

    Looking for someone with a tractor that can help move two M373 van semi trailers from 91W350 (Glen's) place in Salina. Would like to find someone in south western Kansas that could help and possibly store them until I can get there to pick them up. Really need to move them as they are in needed...
  5. Old Lincoln County Iron

    duplicate SF-97 form?

    After searching through a mountain of paperwork I can't find a SF -97 form for one of my trailers. I have a copy of it that I found, that i made but not the original. Has anyone been able to get a duplicate SF-97 form and is the fee the same as first applied? Thanks!
  6. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M871 Recovery Pics

    Just can't resist posting some pics of my latest M871 Trailer I picked up today. Its a nice one! 300 mile round trip in the M915A1.
  7. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Anyone know anything about this semi trailer

    Does anyone know what model this semi trailer is? I recently won it on GL at Ft Bliss. And the listing said model/mfg/year unknown. I did preview the trailer, but had limited time, so I could'nt search the entire trailer for a data or mfg plate. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Old Lincoln County Iron

    CSM Davis - Thank You!

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank CSM Davis for helping all of us OD addicts with all those trucks out there at Camp Shelby! Thanks Jeff! :beer:
  9. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M915A1 VIN # Question

    I was wanting to know if the VIN # is stamped on the Frame Rail of the truck, and where is it located if it is?
  10. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M128A2C Semi Trailer Title Question

    A friend of mine has an M128A2C Van Semi trailer that he purchased of of GL probably 2 years ago. He bought it for storage and thinking that, never applied for the SF-97 to obtain a title for it. Well its a really nice trailer, too nice for just storage, and I have a couple ideas for it if I can...
  11. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M871 Flatbed Semi Trailer Ft.Sill to New Mexico

    Is any one in the area of Ft Sill, Oklahoma that could asist in picking up an M871 Flatbed Semi Trailer there, and transporting it to New Mexico (the state line would be fine)? I dont have my Sf-97 back to title and license my M915A1 Tractor. I do have another truck I can pick the trailer up...
  12. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M915A2 M915A3 Freightliner Tractors?

    I was just wondering if any of the M915A2 or A3 Freightliner tractors have made it into private hands? I have seen plenty of M916A1 Freightliners on the Auction block, but what about these trucks? Thanks!
  13. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M915A1 Circuit Breaker(s)

    Does anyone have a part number on the Circuit Breakers in an M915A1 Truck? Anyone know where they are available at? Thanks!
  14. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M915A1 Gauges quit registering

    I had my M915A1 Tractor out for a drive today, since it has been very cold I wanted to drive it around abit keep the batteries up, etc. After about 2 miles I made a stop and got out of the truck, when I got back in the Engine temp, fuel, transmission temp, voltage, and oil pressure gauge had...
  15. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Anyone have a pic of an M128A2C Van trailer connected to an M915A1 Tractor?

    I just wanted to see if anyone had a picture or two of an M128A2C van, Or similar van trailer connected to an M915A1 tractor? Thanks!
  16. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Topeka KS to Carrizozo NM, M915A1 Truck Tractor

    Hello, I am considering my options of having my M915A1 Truck Tractor hauled to me rather than picking it up. It is already off the the installation at a towing company, and storage fees are adding up. If I could possibly have it trucked in reasonably, I would prefer to go that route rather...
  17. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M915A1 Recovery in Topeka

    Gentlemen, If everything works out I am going to recover my M915A1 in Topeka on December 3rd. Are there any members around Topeka that could assist should the need arise? I should have everything needed to recover the truck, but better safe than sorry! I going to take US54 west back to New...
  18. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Lacrosse Semi Trailer Model DF 6T-33F?

    Hello, I am wanting to know if anyone has any info/ tech manuals or anything in regards to a Lacrosse Semi trailer Model DF6T-33F. Its a 387" long step deck flatbed trailer tandem axle Made for the Navy Dept in 1951? I have a photo or two that I will upload sometime today. Thanks!
  19. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Photos of m915A1 hooked to an M871 Trailer???

    Gentlemen , Does anyone have a photo(s) of an M915A1 coupled to an M871 Flatbed trailer? The reason I ask is I am trying to convince my wife on how bad I need an M871 to pull behind My M915A1 Tractor. So far she just says you don't need that! I was in hopes a good photo(s) of the set up would...
  20. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Towing a M915A1, Drop the Driveline, or pull the axles?

    I was just wanting to know the best way to tow an M915A1 would be to drop the driveline or pull the axles or maybe both??? Towwing would be several hundred miles. I have seen the older trucks with Detroit Locker Equipped stickers on the door panels, are these in all the trucks? Thanks!
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