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  1. jamesfrom180

    M6A1 stateside survivor resto research

    A couple of years ago I "purchased" an75% original John Woods M6a1. Data plate but no brakets. Story told it was salvaged off of little known WWII base here on the treasure coast of Fl. Starting resto, but was wondering if anyone has any ideas about how I might come by linking said hand cart...
  2. jamesfrom180

    Bulbs, 12 volt, 24 volt, trailer, lights, info

    OK I hope this thread will help those out there fabricating using military parts. Restoration information and know how is available in multiple places. Please if you wish to contribute: Keep it short Only to specification Or techniques I hope to keep this thread relevant to specifications...
  3. jamesfrom180

    Urban legend or Nuclear Tatra

    Ok I ran across a reference to Russian (USSR) mobile nuclear power plants. Basically a small nuclear pile that could be driven to a site and provide steam to power a generator. Some of the pics apear to be Tatra trucks or a tracked vehicle. Does anyone have any sort of confermation of...
  4. jamesfrom180

    Hot rod'n the M38a1

    Ok, been looking around and don't see any offerings for modified M38a1s. If mine was in better shape I think I would be restoring instead of what I am currently doing. I just want to see how many out there are building these old machines up a bit. Please post any of your projects or Ideas.
  5. jamesfrom180

    FL Deuce Private sales heads up!!!!

    military 6x6, rockwells, 2.5, ton,mud Somebody want to save this before someone buys it to hack up. Please post pics if you go look at it.
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