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  1. Dwnorton1

    Camp Lejeune NC help $$

    I made the mistake of bidding on a M1101 where there are only loadouts on Thursday 9-12:30. Might explain why trailer went for reasonable price that it did. I can get it home to Oklahoma with standard shippers if I can find someone who I will gladly be friends with on eBay if they can pull this...
  2. Dwnorton1

    Ft. Sill Gov Liq A+

    I saw long thread about problems at Ft. Drum. So I thought I would share my experience at Ft. Sill, in case anyone buys anything there. Miss Kathy was top notch, true professional. I sent my 18 yo son on recovery of a recent auction. She answered phone, sent me directions and generally made the...
  3. Dwnorton1

    Generator wet stacking discussion

    A few fellow SS members and I were talking about generator sizing, which ended up in discussion about wet stacking by not keeping enough load on gen to keep exhaust valve hot enough to keep sludge from building up. My question for the group is would it be feasible or even make a difference if...
  4. Dwnorton1

    Correction on MEP-831a Training
  5. Dwnorton1

    I love generators!!!

    All the generator guys certainly are quiet. Did we solve all of the troubleshooting issues and everyone's gen sets are running like a champ? Just wanted to see an auxiliary equipment post. All the big steel guys are always having problems and posting like mad. Just trying to determine if Guyfang...
  6. Dwnorton1

    TM for M200A1 trailer for 15kw-60kw gen sets.

    Trailer TM only for 15kw-60kw gen sets.
  7. Dwnorton1

    New Gov planet format???

    Maybe I doing something wrong but I thought there was a tab so you could see past sales?? I cannot seem to find it any longer. What am I missing?
  8. Dwnorton1

    Panelview 550 Micrologix 1100 MEP-802Ae

    Was digging around in my junk looking for a 24vdc power supply and ran across some NOS PLC stuff. Need to see where my software and license is but might be time to make a custom MEP-802B. Any thoughts? It would require an additional expansion module for the analog gage inputs Could have remote...
  9. Dwnorton1

    MEP-831 testing question

    I recently acquired this 831 and have been playing with load tests. I have noticed that this unit will take 3000 watt instantaneous load with no problem, but does not like to come off of full load to -0- Governer goes to hunting with motor surging back and forth trying to find its happy place...
  10. Dwnorton1

    Another MEP-831a (intervention needed)

    Well it happened again today. Bought another generator, haven't even gotten mine from Ft Carson yet. OKC gl sale. They were just sitting there beckoning, for reasonable bids telling me just bid. I couldn't stop myself. If my checking account had been healthier I would have ended up with 3 or 4...
  11. Dwnorton1

    Deutz f1l 208f governor assistance needed

    Deutz f1l 208f (5kwctmgsa gen) its alive sorta I had to swap out injector pump on a gen set I have with Deutz 1cylinder air cooled was wondering if a manual existed or someones experience in setting these up. The TM i have is very vague on setting it.
  12. Dwnorton1

    Ft Carson shipping

    I accidentally ended up with two generators from the GL auction today. Never expected to win one let alone two. Not complaining. Anyway having not expected to win, I didn't research shipping options. I can always go on road trip but just want to see what the most economical route. Any...
  13. Dwnorton1

    5kw ctmgsa generators GSA auction 1-4-17

    Is it a fellow steel soldier that destroyed my hopes and dreams of being a MEP-002a on a trailer at forestry sale today. At least for now. I looked unit over before a few weeks back. Looks really clean. we dueled to $1303 which is more than it is worth being an unknown, but I hope that it turns...
  14. Dwnorton1

    24vdc and 12vdc trailer wiring harness

    I pulled this whole complete harness off of a trailer I bought. Thought there should be out there that would like to put this to use. I have no 24vdc tow vehicles. Didn't verify functionality as that would takes away time that I don't have enough of. Pretty cool design though.
  15. Dwnorton1

    4a84a standard military engine no oil pressure Help

    I have drained oil dropped pan and cleaned check valve opened and cleaned oil pump and verified tolerances. Cleaned oil pressure regulator blew out hoses. Used air to blow oil back into pump thinking it might help with prime everything appears normal except it will to pump oil. What at am...
  16. Dwnorton1

    5kwctmgsa Stewart and Stevenson gen set

    I bought one of the trial gen sets from the late 80's. After I bought it realized that I couldn't get manual due to being a B. At any rate that peaked my curiousity so I took mine apart to see what made it tick. It is powered by on cylinder duetz diesel. 3600 rpm unit. It's generator is made by...
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