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    MO 1953 M37

    For Sale $13130.13 1953 M37 (Military/Dodge/Power Wagon) Missouri Title Purchased August 2006. Runs and drives. All systems on truck work. All electrical is 24 volt. Ignition uses all military waterproof components. Since purchase the following components...
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    membership limbo

    Can't post to classifieds. Message "you have insufficient privileges to post threads here" Upgrade tab indicates that my Premium Membership expires Dec. 23, 2020. Payment info from Paypal. Steel Soldiers, LLC -negative $15.00 December 23, 2019 Payment Paid with Mastercard MasterCard Credit...
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    Serial Number on 818

    Does a M818 have a serial number on the frame like a deuce?
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    Mystery Metal

    Ordered some shear pins from Memphis Equipment for the Deuce winch. Now in my limited experience all I've heard of or read about were aluminum pins. So; I get my six pins ($1.60 ea.) and they don't look like alum., there to heavy to be alum., and a magnet sticks to them. So I call M.E., the...
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    End Use Cert. ????

    I'm getting a new truck. Won an auction Fri. for a Deuce in Minnesota. Has the winch, turbo, heater, & hard top my current one doesn't. I'm attempting to fill out an euc today. So I did a rough draft on one and printed it. A couple spots I wasn't quite sure what to put so I called GL. (I KNOW)...
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    Museum in Alton Il.

    This came up in an unrelated thread the other day. So for jrosbo and anyone else Armed Forces Museum, # 2 Cut St. Alton Il., 62002 (618) 462-5237 No first hand experience with the place.
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    Towbars in Missouri

    Four towbars sold on GSA in Missouri today. I just wondered if anyone here had bought them and if they would like to sell one?
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    Changing injector lines

    I have a fuel leak at an injector line hydraulic head connection. I was wondering what if anything has to be done after removing these lines. Does the system have to be purged of air? If so what is the procedure?
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    Not singing in the rain

    Coming home from Steel Soldiers Rally my M35 canvas top developed a large sunroof. :cry: So I need a replacement.Weebee Webbing is $300. but six weeks, Beachwood is $500. and two to three weeks. Any suggestions on a source? New or Used solid color canvas.
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    Just checking.

    :D Hope this works. :cry:
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