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    First Lockbourne pickup questions

    Hello All I'm making my first pickup in Lockbourne, OH of DLA property (3100 Creekside Pkwy) this Friday at 7 AM and have some questions: I generally carry a concealed pistol and Ohio recognizes my NC permit. Is this a military facility and if not would there be a problem with having a...
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    Tampa MacDill AFB pickup help?

    Hello All I've got a question with a short fuze.... Is there anyone who can pick up an item that is about 20x18x12" and weighs around 50 pounds from the commissary at MacDill AFB and stick it in a box for shipping to me, please? I'd pay for your time and send a shipping label. Thanks Lance
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    Deuce crash in Winston-Salem, NC, 11/2017

    Well folks I hope this isn't one of ours..... A Ford Focus failed to yield the right of way on Bolton St in Winston-Salem Friday night and turned left in front of an M44 series truck with a winch and got broadsided. The Focus driver is in the hospital with life threatening injuries which is...
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    2017 NJ MTA Sussex Buy, Sell Trade Thread

    EDIT, At the request of the hosts please use the original NJ MTA info thread for listing buy, sell and trade items. Thanks, Lance OK, Folks!! We're two weeks out and I can't find a buy, sell, trade thread...
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    Looking for loadout help from Keesler AFB/Biloxi, MS

    If you might be able to help me out by picking up what may be up to four items at Keesler AFB/Biloxi, MS please PM me for info. If you know of someone who might help out please post their SS name so I can reach out to them. If purchased the item(s) will be around 130-140 pounds each and will...
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    Anyone from near Warner-Robbins going to Aberdeen?

    I may have a GL item from Warner-Robbins being picked up by MDMorgan and he's checking with a buddy to see if he's headed to Aberdeen and can help get the item there. If he isn't going I'd gladly pay someone to tote the item to Aberdeen. I won't be at Aberdeen due to one of our sons...
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    Anyone going from Columbus, OH area to Aberdeen?

    I may have a GL item from Lockbourne being picked up by tabr123 that I'd gladly pay someone to tote to Aberdeen. I won't be at Aberdeen due to one of our sons getting married that weekend but several friends will be there and could take the hand-off. Thanks for looking and please post back or...
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    NY-PENN MVCC Annual Picnic in Central NY, 27 July, 2013

    The NY-PENN Military Vehicle Collectors Club will be having it's annual picnic at our farm outside Auburn, NY at 1 PM on 27 July, 2013. The meal will be catered roast chicken and pit smoked BBQ ribs with sides etc. Soft drinks provided, otherwise, bring your own cheer but remember this is a...
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    Do M927/M928s have doubled frames?

    Does anyone know if the M927/M928 XLWB trucks have doubled frames? Thanks Lance
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    Ft. Bragg pick-up help needed?

    If anyone is willing to discuss picking up a large pallet and dropping it at the loading dock of a local freight shipper please PM me. I suspect the load weighs about 1500 pounds. Thanks Lance
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    NY-PENN MVCC mtg in CNY-24 June

    There will be a meeting of Easy Co., NY-PENN MVCC at 1 PM Sunday, 24 June at my place in Sennett (between Auburn and Skaneateles). I know there are several members, new and old, in the CNY area who aren't in NY-PENN and all of you are welcome. We'll have light refreshments. PM for the address...
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    Messing with TankLady's tank

    Well, if I were more organized this thread would have started a few months ago when the M41A1 Walker Bulldog TankLady AKA Angie G. and her hubby Jack G. (for the old timers in the MV hobby-40 years or so) own was running a might under the weather... The power pack is out and we're working on a...
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    M939 and M915A1 PTO info

    jatonka and I have been discussing this for our M915A1 tractors for some time so I spent some time this week checking into this. I'm not a PTO guru so much of what I am relating here is from folks who are gurus and I'm a bit like a 6'4" sock puppet on the subject. Mostly, I'm just passing...
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    FedEx comes through again!

    Like many of us I buy and sell parts and often need to ship things. Occasionally I need to ship to (or receive from) overseas. I have accounts with UPS, FedEx and a less than truckload shipping broker so sometimes it can take a while to find the best shipping price but for most smaller...
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    M809 control box used in M939?

    Does anyone know if the control box for the NHC 250 in the M809 trucks is used in the NHC 250 powered M939s? I plan on selling my M813A1 and deuces and going to M939 series stuff and am trying to find out if the brand new control box I have in shelf stock can be used on a M939 or whether I...
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    Syracuse NY-PENN MVCC mtg 29 Jan., 2012

    Easy Co., NY-PENN Military Vehicle Collectors Club will be having a meeting on January 29th @1:00pm. Location for the meeting is will be the Denny's restaurant at 1440 West Genesee Street, Syracuse NY. The back room has been reserved. For people who know Syracuse, this is the intersection...
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    CUCV steering column source needed

    OK, so a buddy's M1009 key wouldn't turn when one of his kids was using the truck and called mechanic to come to the mall and "fix" it. Instead of doing it the correct way by pulling the steering wheel and drilling it out they broke the lock mechanism out of the column. There's a hole in the...
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    M35a2c, s-280 & m105=9.45 mpg...

    On the way back from the Gilbert show on Sunday AM I decided to see what mileage the M35A2C w/w was getting with the S-280 camper in it and towing an M105 trailer at around 4,000 pounds. The S-280 likely weighs about 2,600 pounds. I was interested in how much the taller profile of the shelter...
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    M809 transmission weight and Qs?

    Does anyone know what an M809 Dana 6453 transmission weighs? I may drop mine to find out why there are some ferrous metal flakes in the oil and why it is having problems downshifting. I can get the top cover/shifter housing tilted to one side but despite the -20 manual showing that the top...
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    M809 low idle adjustment?

    Hello, All My M813A1 idles at 600 RPM and I know that's the lower edge of the intended 600-650 RPM range. It rattles and shakes from the harmonics but smooths right out at around 660-670 RPM so I want to adjust it up. I've looked in the -20 and searched the "5 ton and up" forum with "idle...
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