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    horn not work after replace cam

    A few weeks back i replace my turn signal cam and switch, all work sort of. Left turn wouldn't cancel. Took apart today and found slight clearence issue, remedied it and now both turn signals cancel. Put back together and now my horn will not work. It works if i ground the horn button to my...
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    Got a new m1009

    I picked up my first cucv, and its an m1009. Been looking for few years, but seriously for past few months. Loving it so far, it even drove its self home, first mv i've ever had that hasn't required a trailer. Aparently its been in california its whole life, so no rust except a little on back...
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    m1009 cost ?

    Ive been looking at getting an m1009, and have located one that was a city truck and they even added a/c woohoooo. Its very clean, and in good condition. In my research of the 6.2 though, people have said the the k5/blazers have started to be expensive to repair becouse of the lack of parts for...
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    ca m1009 ?

    Looking into getting an m1009. Is there anyone around socal with one i could get hands on and maybe a ride to check them out first ?
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    Simple axle swap question ?

    I have been looking at a lot of threads talking about axle swap and also reading threads where its done. Its ether shorten axle, or move leaf spring hanger out. What i am wondering, is why don't people just re-weld a new leaf spring mount on the axle ? It seems the easiest, and it would align...
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    combat rims

    Love the look and ease of changing the tire on theses guys (espec since no one will touch the spring rim). I got a full set of 5 and had them blasted, there in good condition. The kicker though is that their ring studs need to be replaced. I checked Midwest and vintage, the cheapest i could find...
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    CA law

    Well, i got a m37 54 w/w unit. Runs and drives just fine (even had a state title). Went to dmv, got it all registered and at the last minute i was informed that it may not be road legal because of being military.... Apparently in 2017 CA passed a law that dmv can only register ex military...
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    m37 towing/payload ability

    Been looking around and haven't found quite what i was looking for. I went through the tm's and found the military factory ratings, but what i was curious about is real life ratings. I understand it can pull/haul more than its rated, but its may not stop like it should ether, and gov like to...
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    M37 vs b1

    Been looking into getting an m37. I have come across a few, but i was wondering, m37 vs b1. I know b1 came latter and engine/tranny are different. I also realize b1 "may" have Packard connectors, and different spare tire mounting. I read up as well that there was a few slight different changes...
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    Fun picture

    Just a fun picture i found, all those beautys waiting for deployment in korea. :)
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    Frame from Ga to CA

    Looking for someone going my way. Got a possible m38a1 frame in GA, and im in SoCal. Time frame is pretty open.
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    Mutt fuel sending unit work ?

    Will the mutt fuel sending unit work with an m38a1 ? Need to replace mine and the one that came out looked exactly like the m151 one. From what iv'e read its 50/50 from what people say. Anyone know better ? Mutts a lot cheaper to get, that why im considering it.
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    m38a1 oil pump

    Pulled my oil pump to check it out. Everything passes with flying colors, except two areas. In the manual it says you should be able to put end cover on w/o gasket and the pump will not turn. Well mine does. But if i push in the top rod it touches then. The second area is the top outer gear is...
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    Southern California Salvage yards ?

    Looking for some good salvage yards in Southern California. It seem Most info is out of date for this region and all the good ones closed up. Looking specifically for m38a1 parts.
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    Another one joins ranks of m38a1 ownership

    Been on this forums for a little while reading and talking to members as much as i could. I finally bought my own m38a1. Always been in love with them, father had one (modified heavily of course). Found this one by chance. Its a 1964 USMC, pretty much everything is there and in relative working...
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    m38a1 60s gearing

    I was told by an old jeep mechanic that the last usmc batch that kaiser produced had a higher gearing than past models and hence did not need an overdrive. I have done alot of research and the only documented difference i can find is the posi track. Does anyone know if they did have a diferent...
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